Gran Turismo 5 Helps Rehabilitate Spinal Injury Patient

An occupational therapist in Singapore is using GT5 to help spinal injury patients recover and get back on the road.

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BrianC62341988d ago

I guess a couple people don't think so. How can anyone disagree with that? Idiots.

shivvy241988d ago

Thats so awesome , hope he recovers :)

guitarded771988d ago

What kind of sick A-hole disagrees with you saying "hope he recovers"?

On topic: Awesome that games can be used to rehab people. I think it would be awesome to create specific software using motion controls so people could do physical therapy from home. I've thought about this a lot since my grandmother had to travel from home to a physical therapy office for treatments. Having a program at home would be awesome.

BanBrother1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Ironically, he was put into hospital from a car crash /s

Good on him. I love it when they show games in a positive light, rather than the usual doom and gloom by the super nannies of this world.

ThePioneer1987d ago

No, he wasn't injured in a car crash, he fell in his home.

Bathyj1988d ago


Just dont let him play Motorstorm. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.