Sony wins format war, but real battle lies ahead

Sony Corp won the home movie DVD format war, but the consumer-electronics giant faces an even tougher battle persuading shoppers to buy Blu-ray discs in an industry which is looking to the download era.

With Sony's current three-year business plan set to end on March 31, Chief Executive Howard Stringer also has to convince investors it has a new growth strategy for the maker of PlayStation game players and Bravia flat-screen televisions as it gets squeezed hard by rivals.

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GodsHand3798d ago

Just lower the price to current DVD prices, and Sony should be set.

skagrerrrr3798d ago

i went to the local office depot to look for dvd-9s and holy cr*p, to my surprise they cost 42USD for a pack of six!

wageslave3798d ago

...but the consumer-electronics giant faces an even tougher battle persuading shoppers to buy Blu-ray discs in an industry which is looking to the download era....

"The end of the format battle does not automatically guarantee a swift shift to Blu-ray," said Kazuharu Miura, an analyst at Daiwa Institute of Research.

B.I.N.G.O. We have a winner.

1/2 of *all* internet traffic RIGHT NOW is digital distribution of media. Movies, TV and music. Much of it free, there will not be another plastic-disc machine.


Blood_Spiller3798d ago

"1/2 of *all* internet traffic RIGHT NOW is digital distribution of media."

Do you have any links to back up that claim? While I agree that DD is the future I see it as being the successor the Blu-Ray more than being the direct competition (the way HD-DVD was).

Tempist3798d ago

If half the internet is being used to ship movies and tv (given that this is entirely legal distributions going on), then doesn't that make for the argument that if a major percent of everyone was to go digital distribution that the internet tubes would become clogged worse than ever?

Not to mention that the curbing of illegal downloads is through bandwidth limitation or quotas per month/week. I don't believe that the ISPs are going to be flexible as everyone will want when the demand for bandwidth begins to expand in the future.

illizit3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Even if that statement were true, I can assure you not even 2% of it is PURE, BLU-RAY 1080p quality, not the h264 codec crap. Or else it would be at least 40GB. We are still not ready for 40gb downloads. Once we all have 100mbit connections coming in to our houses from our ISP then we can start talking about digital distribution over the internet.

Captain Tuttle3798d ago

I just read an article in the WSJ today that Comcast is going to offer 100mb downloads in a year or 2. It's just a matter of time.

Skerj3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

They first have to stop throttling our bandwidth and doing other effed up things to our internet before they can go 100mb. I just had to fight with those asshats for a week straight.

Captain Tuttle3798d ago

But with Verizon laying fiber optic like crazy all over the country now they have competition and that puts alot of pressure on them to perform.

Tempist3798d ago

@Captain Tuttle

Which is non-sense given that I remember reading a few years back that America is already laced with fiber-optic cable. I think Google was planning on buying it up eventually.

Either way, Digi-distro will only take off when fiber-optic modems / lines are put directly into the houses. DSL is close to maxed and with digital TV via cable, that's almost maxed as well.

Captain Tuttle3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Verizon is actually wiring fiber optic into individual houses. That's a big change from using it for major pipelines. My house just got wired for fiber optic (FIOS) and it's quite a big deal in this area and we're in Comcast's HQ's backyard (Philadelphia PA).

nicholascage243798d ago

this guy gets away byy posting these weird news everytime.

in 2 years time you will have 100 mb/sec optical fibre connection?????????

99% of north america dont even get 500k at the moment. You want people to have a 200 gig HDD for every HD movie he/she buys???

You expect people to actually buy an HDD each time for a Single movie too???

Just because HD DVD lost doesnt mean that you have to write crap to undermine Blu Ray's victory.

be realistic rather than jealous

DD is light years away from now. It might never take off as well since only a few DEDICATED xbox owners would actually have a 200 gig movie streamed on/downloaded to his HDD over 4/5 days

Captain Tuttle3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I'm just telling you what I read in the WSJ. Take it for what it's worth.

And Verizon IS wiring individual houses for fiber optic in the major metro areas.

ravinash3797d ago

Which country is it that their laying the cables down in?

People keep forgetting its a world market...even in the US if fiber optic cable was run to everyones home does that effect the other people in the world???

Whatever the percentage of online traffic is downloaded movies, I can guarantee that most of that is illegal copies. And their not downloading them for the quality of picture either, its because its free. DVDs have better quality than downloaded movies these days and don't cost that much but these people still prefer to get the low res version because it doesn't cost them why would these same people turn to MS or any other company just so they can start paying to download the same films?

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Engineer3798d ago

Well then I'm hosed Wageslave, cuz there is no way I'm downloading my high definition movies, I don't have near the internet bandwidth nor the storage capacity for them.


yeah i be the ones buying blu ray can download all you want

Genesis53798d ago

Count me out too. Do you know how much it would cost for bandwidth to download files that size. I only watch maybe 2 movies a month. I'll just go and rent them. I could'nt justify spending $50-$100 a month on my internet bill. Well thats what it be here in Canada anyway.

damnwrx3798d ago

That should include BD movie titles............And it's all good.

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