Handheld of the Year nominations revealed

GamesRadar - Handheld of the Year nominations boil down to the top Vita and 3DS games in 2012. Here's our shortlist.

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Cam9771988d ago

Gravity Rush deserves this title!

Y_51501988d ago

Can Battle Royale be counted for it?

ABizzel11988d ago

4 out of 7 of the titles are on Vita......but it has no games.

Y_51501988d ago

Vita had more game for me to play than the 3DS ever had me to play! I love my 3DS but I had it for almost a year. The PS Via I had for not even a month yet and I have more games for it than my 3DS. What does this tell you troll?

Y_51501988d ago

What?! I'm just asking a question! Can Playstation All Stars battle Royale be considered a Vita game. Well of course! Someone can be happy enough to tell me otherwise and I'll appreciate that but no, I get this guy...

"4 out of 7 of the titles are on Vita......but it has no games."

GenericNameHere1988d ago

Persona 4 Golden and Disgaea 3 Absense of Detention DESERVES to be recognized as one of the BEST handheld games this year! However, if the list only consists of original (meaning not ports or remakes) handheld games, I vote for Gravity Rush, the sequel to 999 (I forget the name, but I do want to get it sometime for Christmas), or LBP Vita!

Sanquine901988d ago

Little big planet :D A platformer and a creator:D

TwistedMetal1988d ago

do not give it to paper mario sticker star thats for sure lol. Its not the paper mario anyone wanted. persona 4 golden, or gravity rush sounds like good picks though.

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