How Nintendo Totally Botched The Wii U Launch ( How Nintendo totally botched the Wii U launch, seems like a pretty harsh thing to say but I’m going to call this one down the middle as best as I can. Right now within the industry it appears that slamming Nintendo’s newest console is the new trend and whilst it may seem that I’m trying to join in too I’m actually not, I’m writing this article as a long time Nintendo fan who paid £299 for a Wii U on launch. I’m not going to bring in stupid sales figures into this, I’m writing this one straight from my head.

Nintendo’s last two systems were a huge success to put it lightly, the Wii was one of the best selling systems of all time and the DS is probably on track to become the best selling system of all time. What are the sales figures? Who cares it’s not important, all that matters is that you know these systems were massively successful for Nintendo to the point where it’s next two systems would basically try to ride off it’s success.

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TwistedMetal1810d ago

i wont get a wii u untill the price drops to a reasonable price and I wont buy any wii u games until there price drop to a reasonable price. Nsmbu is not worth 60 dollars and doesnt even looke or sound like it does either. Its nsmb wii but with baby yoshi and a speed run challenge mode. Everything else is the exact same. graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, characters, etc. I mean 2 toads again for 4 player co-op? are you Censored kidding me?

Why would I spend 350 for the delux console and 60 for nsmb u when i can get 90% same experience on a wii. Also dont get me started on the crappy online and the lack there of for these games yet you are paying 60 dollars for them why?

I personally hope this is the worst selling console for them so they can learn something.

Nevers0ft1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I don't know about the US but I haven't paid full RRP for any of my Wii U games, there's plenty of competition out there to make bargain hunting easy.

NSMBU has the same graphics style as the Wii and 3DS games but the HD visuals look great. I'm not sure what you expected from a side scrolling Mario game, photo-realistic bricks?

Crappy online? Sort of. Miiverse is excellent, you can get lost in there reading posts, looking at pictures, helping gamers. Admittedly the online component of the Nintendo launch titles is a bit shallow but the infrastructure is clearly there in Miiverse. Several of the 3rd party games with online components work fine - Call of Duty, Tekken, Sonic, Trine. I've tried them all and despite the odd connection issue, I've had no major problems.

I think you need to spend some time with a Wii U, you might reassess some of your assumptions.

millzy1021810d ago

the wii u's online is surprisingly really good, you obviously haven't used the system so your opinion is void. if people actually play it then don't like it, fare enough you can't like everything but saying something is rubbish without even testing it is arrogant to say the least.

wiiulee1810d ago

the wiiu is an incredible system with so much possibilities..i will say one thing..nintendo is not getting the right message out there....i actually now prefer that first european commercial then any u.s.a commercials at least they say its a new system...nintendo need to do a right commercial explaining all the pluses of the wiiu and that its a new system...almost like a genesis does commercial....wiiu does what you cant do on other systems

ozzywazzy1810d ago

The wii u is looking to be a complete failure. Pity.

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