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2013 Most Anticipated - #24 Killzone: Mercenary

One Hit Pixel: "It’s that time of year again. We’ve chosen our twenty-five most anticipated games of 2013 from an extensive list of confirmed and almost certain releases for next year. Having each voted for the games on the list and then processing the results through a methodical algorithm we’re here to bring you the results. We’ll take a look at what we know about each game, plus the reasons the team voted for each title, with an article every day until the end of the year - when we’ll reveal our most anticipated game of 2013. To see all previous games in this feature, visit the dedicated stream. " - Link in the page. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

Qrphe  +   962d ago
This is the fps I'm looking forward the most next year. I just platinumed KZ3 last night as well.
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Akuma-  +   962d ago
i believe that guerrilla games will make killzone mercenary to be better than killzone 3 on ps3. the game will be using the killzone 3 engine and im hoping for a more balance class system and amazing campaign and online . i hope it has co op and competitive online play
BanBrother  +   962d ago
Akuma, I agreed because you have some nice ideas.

I doubt they will make it as good as Killzone 3 (had very large scale areas, despite what haters say), but anything close and I'll be happy.

I stopped and looked at my Killzone 3 Helghast edition on my shelf before I left my room this morning as well. Such a great game.

Hopefully mercenaries is the go-to Multi-player game for the Vita. It could potentially lead to mass increases in Vita sales as well ;)
tubers  +   962d ago
I'll be jizzing so hard if and only if they'd release a trailer that shows EPIC cinematic in game cutscenes like they did with the previous series.

Until then, I'm not gonna get excited.

I don't want another less than stellar VITA translation.. specially in the FPS category.
CaptCalvin  +   962d ago
I wouldn't be too optimistic about it either. Too many people crying about how they want games "more suitable for handhelds."
Riderz1337  +   962d ago
This game looks amazing!
bunfighterii  +   962d ago
Very much looking forward to this game. Hopefully there's a fully realised multiplayer component too.
Drainage  +   962d ago
i want a ps3 version.
CaptCalvin  +   962d ago
You have, and they're called Killzone 2 and 3.
Godchild1020  +   962d ago
I'm not going to lie, that trailer at first didn't get me excited, but after seeing that little bit of gameplay at the end. I can't wait!

My only fear is the touch controls. I hope they don't implement them, like how Sony Bend did with Uncharted Golden Abyss. Great game, it's just the touch controls that make me worry.

Those graphics in that Video; are amazing and if those are the same graphics we get, when the game ships, It will be the best looking game on the Vita. At least in the FPS genre.
cpayne93  +   962d ago
Yeah some games just throw in touch controls on Vita for the heck of it. AC Liberation is really guilty of this, I'm getting sick of all the gimmicky crap they through in, though I'm still enjoying it. Uncharted got annoying with it too, but it wasn't quite as intrusive, I got used to the touch controls with the melee.
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Qrphe  +   962d ago
They definitely wouldn't make aiming like in Uncharted GA (which I liked btw, I know hate me), c'mon it's Guerilla, hardcore FPS developers!

If anything, expecting touch controls for minor things like melee.
majiebeast  +   962d ago
Why would ppl hate you for loving uncharted GA its a really solid title and people that got it especially now with plus would agree.
Y_5150  +   962d ago
I want this! I'm not the biggest fPS fan out there but one of the few I love is Killzone. Bring it on baby!
redtideone11  +   962d ago
why do people hate touch controls i do not get. is it because you are so againest the hole ipod touch idea that games are not cool enough to touch? i for 1 love the touch controls, was what the psp was missing.
Godchild1020  +   962d ago
I don't hate touch controls, I have a touch enabled phone, A 3DS and a Vita. I just hate it when Developers add something into a game that isn't really needed. I rather QTEs than touch controls any day. That is really, my sole reason for not playing games on my Phone. I rather buttons to play my games than using touch controls.

Touch controls are not really needed to make the game enjoyable. Why are touch controls needed in Uncharted Golden Avyss, when the QTEs are great in Uncharted 1,2 & 3? That is my only fear when it comes to Vita titles, the overboard of overly used features without the option to turn them off.
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SandWitch  +   962d ago
Touch boss fights in Golden Abyss was sooo much better than usual boring QTEs IMO

For me the only annoying touch command was cutting things with machete

I also hope KZ Mercenary will also have combination of gyroscope and analog stick for aiming. It was so intuitive and accurate in Golden Abyss, I absolutely loved it
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DwightOwen  +   962d ago
Touch controls for cleaning dirt off artifacts in U:GA = GOOD

Touch controls for melee combat = BS and annnoying
cpayne93  +   962d ago
It depends what it is sometimes it's implemented in a good way sometimes it isn't. I didn't mind the touch controls for melee in Uncharted, in fact I even grew to like it, but using it to cut things with the machete and stealing from people in AC Liberation is sort of annoying.

Love the UI much better than the psp though.
CaptCalvin  +   962d ago
It really depends. Skyrim's pretty much crying for touch screen controls. If we could use touch to manage our inventory we wouldn't need that "optimised for consoles" inventory system. Also imagine dragging around objects in the environment without having to aim the reticle at them. Maybe even use multitouch to reorientate them? Possibilities are endless really. People just need to have the right ideas.
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   962d ago
THIS game is the whole reason I purchased a Vita in the first place.
I'm a KZ diehard & I cannot wait for this game.

I'm hoping there's a collector's edition in the cards for this game.

If they release a special edition Vita for this game, I will sell my 3g Vita in a heartbeat to own it.
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OmGitsRussleCrow  +   952d ago
Black ops declassified is a pretty good game FOR THE VITA. It just needs to be an update that will fix a bunch of the glitches. compared to a Console CoD, it's whatever. I'm really looking forward to Killzone mercenary. Especially when they said it will run on the same engine as Killzone 3.

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