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Wii Mini unboxing

Unboxing video of Nintendo's new Wii Mini console. (Nintendo, Wii)

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ftwrthtx  +   597d ago
Looks very cheap.
colonel179  +   596d ago
It should have been $89.99 at most. But beggars can't be choosers
Snookies12  +   596d ago
That's because it is! :D

Lol, seriously... Just get a regular Wii... You'll be much happier (to those who want this).

Sure it might look nice to some, and the color scheme is pretty sweet. Though that doesn't justify paying about as much as a regular Wii with all the things cut from it.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   596d ago
how much could it have been to add wifi functionality?
not to mention, this could get a little confusing for the consumer.

NukaCola  +   596d ago
So what can it do?

99 bucks for a Wii is fine for a gift, or just to have one, but if it's stripped down then how much?

No Gamecube games is one thing.

With out an SD card, how much storage space does it have? What about downloadable titles from the store or classic Nintendo games. Can you play those? How do you save your information? Can it do Hulu or Netflix and stuff?
bwazy  +   596d ago
It has no WiFi so I guess that a paid adapter is necessary for online content?

But really, since you can get a used Wii for 60 bucks on Kijiji or 80 at Gamestop, this thing is a complete ripoff.

I'm beginning to think that Nintendo wanted to get rid of left over components and simply threw a new paintjob as to attract buyers. Why not throw it at us Canadians whose 1/2 national colours are red.

So pointless.
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dredgewalker  +   596d ago
I agree you're paying more for less features. Why buy this when the old Wii can be had for much cheaper with better functionality. The only thing I like about it is the color. The old Wii is so durable that buying a second hand one isn't a problem. The size of the old is also not a problem since it's still very small compared to the PS3 and 360. I just wish they'd just release this color and didn't touch the hardware. Maybe this was made to fight off piracy but I dunno if anyone has ever tried it yet.
CraigandDayDay  +   596d ago
This should have come out BEFORE the Wii U launched. lol Oh well, I guess it's a nice cheap budget option for gamers to "get their Mario on." haha
shackdaddy  +   596d ago
I really like the color...
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DarkBlood  +   596d ago
its a sexy red thats for damn sure
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cee773  +   596d ago
wifi & all internet compatibility removed (no netflix,browser,homebrew etc.)

1 usb port removed (only 1 usb port lol)
sd card slot removed (how do you save games lol)

Backward compatibility removed (in all fairness it was removed in last years model lol)

this thing should be 50$ tops come on what the hell is this trickery the old bait and switch I tell you what nintendo I speak for all when I say we dont want this crap in the US
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   596d ago
definitely not worth even close to 99 bucks with its one (HAHAHA) usb port. $60ish sounds about right,
Unlimax  +   596d ago
It Looks like the Mini PS1 If you remember that version , but with some sort of Orange color i guess .

just watch the video to know more -.-" !

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Hicken  +   596d ago
Hmm... I think I'd rather get a standard(backward compatible) Wii. The only thing this one seems to have going for it is that nice black/red.
Sp1d3ynut  +   596d ago
Finally, the Wii retails at the price it SHOULD have been at LAUNCH. Too bad it looks very cheap, and is still just a GameCube inside. Might as well be one of those Chinese console knockoffs, that look like PS3s or 360s, but only play 8 or 16 bit preloaded games.
josephayal  +   596d ago
No bad for $49.99

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