XNA Games coming to Zune

Chris Satchell just announced that XNA game tools will support game development on Zune in the future.

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Leo Atrox3745d ago

This is so cool. Games on Zune, and you can make them yourself. So ... What's a Zune?

(I kid!)

resistance1003745d ago

Just a shame its for Zune >_< i imported a 30GB one about 7months ago and broke within 4months, also its packed full with DRM.

Im sticking with Ipods now and never looking back

FordGTGuy3745d ago

iPods are packed with DRM to? BTW I've had my Zune 30 since launch w/o a problem.

SKUD3745d ago

You play the games how?

ps360s3745d ago

its just to create isnt it??!?! not to play! but then I might be wrong...

eagle213745d ago

I have never been more serious.

niall773745d ago

... good news for Zune owners... all 3 of you

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