What's so great about that? Ars editors pick the most overrated games

ARS - There are no sacred cows on this list of popular games we just don't get.

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wishingW3L1991d ago

it's a miracle he didn't pick on any PS3 exclusive like everybody does. Especially with Uncharted and God of War.

Irishguy951991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Yeah he's missing those two. And Skyrim

BanBrother1991d ago

I think the Uncharted games are worthy of their reputation, to me UC2 is as perfect a game can get.

I myself have never really got that into God Of War however. The first was great on the PS2, 2 and 3 were good, but not amazing. I liked Chains Of Olympus on the PSP more than 2 and 3. Despite my opinion, I am still getting ascension.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

how is uncharted overrated? 3+ million sale is overrated? hmmmm. I would say it's underrated.

Also if you only have xbox you have no new games to compare anyway. We will see how the last of us & beyond turns out. Even if ps3 games are overarted new ones are on the way yay! Now you wiat for the new xbox like you have been since 2007.

StreetsofRage1991d ago

Where are all these ps3 new games? Your talking about the lowly rated games like lbp karting or all stars? Yeah nobody is buying those games. I haven't turned on my ps3 in over a year. Once again, u guys are all talk and no action.

Lvl_up_gamer1990d ago

"how is uncharted overrated? 3+ million sale is overrated? hmmmm. I would say it's underrated."

- I was just about to say the same thing...except I was going to say:

"how is Halo 4 overrated? 5+ million in 1 month overrated? hmmmm. I would say it's underrated."

You wanna start comparing sales of exclusive games? Just because a game is exclusive doesn't mean it's an automatically good game. Sony may have more exclusives releasing lately but I am not into Playstation allstars or LBP karting. I prefer games like Halo and Gears. These IP's sell extremely well because people love them and want them. MS is not about to throw away development money on unproven IP's that nobody will buy.

MS is not in financial jeopardy for a reason while other companies are like Sony. They don't just throw away their money.

prototypeknuckles1991d ago

WOW look at all those disagrees, smdh fanboys

while i disagree on uncharted i completly agree with you on god of war being overated, kratos isnt really a good character hes kind of a douche that killed his family in blind rage and completly blames sres for it then tries to commit suicide, the games dont really add anything new except for ascention which is adding a multiplayer, but making singleplayer shorter, and they arent as hard as people say they are i can think of 3 hack n slash games that are way harder than any god of war, DMC3, Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta

KenKaz1991d ago

Uncharted should have been at the top of the list.

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Shanks1991d ago

I... completely agree with that list.

TheTwelve1991d ago

Me too. We say that the economy is doing poorly. This might be true, however it's relative: all kinds of overrated things still sell very well today, in all kinds of media. As long as this is the case, our world economy is pretty good, I'd say.


Anon19741991d ago

I don't agree with this list at all. There's no way that Gears and Halo should be on here. Sure Halo paled to some of the PC games running on high end hardware, but even this article points out that for the console, Halo was fantastic. It didn't reinvent the wheel but it didn't have to because it did everything right, with interesting characters and story.

Gears of War was fantastic. It was the first game that made me sit back and say "Wow. Next gen gaming is finally here." There was nothing like it when it came out, and the story and characters sucked me right in. Yeah it was the stuff of b-movie sci-fi adventures, but few games even got that right at the time. Gears will go down as one of my favourite games this gen and while I respect their rights to express they're opinions, I disagree whole heartily with the inclusion of these two.

Wii sports and Zelda:TP are spot on and like this guy, Twilight Princess just left me cold and is the first Zelda adventure since the beginning I just couldn't be bothered to get into, let alone finish. Everything about that game was just run of the mill to me, and the "Waggle to attack" just turned me right off. That's not innovative, that's irritating. Wii sports was a simple tech demo. We had fun at first, we showed people when they came over, then the game was permanently shelved. I certainly don't agree that it deserved any "Sports game" awards.

dazreah1991d ago

Clearly the list is a joke to claim the graphics in the first Halo where rubbish is just daft! At the time of release they where amazing!!

DasTier1991d ago

This list is ridiculous. No Call of Duty Post 4? No GTA IV? Wii Sports, Halo and Paper Mario should not be on there.

ronin4life1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Protip: if you are going to make a controversial list of great games you dislike, make sure well known Industry-divided games like dragons lair ARE NOT on the list.

ALSO, make sure you don't leave out an ENTIRE platform, or else you will appear incredibly one-sided.

Overall a terrible list.

Halo is well loved, so if one of these guys dislikes it I guess it fits the article criteria... the division of opinion on Super Paper mario and Wiisports is well known however.

BanBrother1991d ago

Yes, he just had Nintendo games, plus Gears of War and Halo.

I agree with Gears of War. I loved the first, but the other weren't as great as people make them out to be (I have the Seriously achievement, definitely not trolling).

TBH, I'd make it more fair and pick a game from each company.

XBOX: Gears Of War
PS: God Of War
Nintendo: Metroid

That is just my opinion. I still actually love the 3 above mentioned games series, it's just that I think they are made out to be much better than they are. Still a huge fan.

prototypeknuckles1991d ago

while i disagree with metroid being overated its your opinion so more power to you, personally feel that

Nintendo: mario & zelda
PS: definatly agree with god of war, and im a huge playstation fan
XBOX: havnt played anything exclusive besides halo so i cant say

BanBrother1991d ago

I actually think Super Metroid is one of the best games of all time. Just never really got that into the 'Prime' series. They were good, just not amazing IMO.

I think too many people confuse overrated with bad. They are 2 completely different things. That's why there are always so many disagrees being chucked around like monkey doo.

torchic1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I disagree. it's his opinion, he didn't think of any Playstation games which were overrated. he would therefore be lying to himself if he included one.

I mean you probably have a few, but it's clearly his opinion. I remember an article that listed "5 Best Graphics on Console" (pre-Halo 4) and there were probably two 360 games and that's a lie right there. there's a very fine, noticeable line between being subjective and telling a lie.

people in the gaming community really need to understand the definition of opinion.

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