Deals: PlayStation All-Stars & LBP for Vita $20 Each

At SRN, we've found another round of savings on PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and LittleBigPlanet. This time, mega online retailer Amazon has the PlayStation Vita games marked down to $19.99 each for a limited time.

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bebitech1745d ago

Already have LBP but PS All-Stars for $20? Yes please.

ABizzel11744d ago

Tempting for All-Stars, but it's better to just pick it up for PS3. Vita only users have a nice price.

LBP is a must.

MizTv1744d ago

Yes!!!!!! It's fn awesome

fantasygamer1745d ago

LBP Vita is in my opinion a MUST OWN for any Vita owner it's a fantastic game.

guitarded771745d ago

Agreed... it is the best LBP game IMO. The Vita features feel natural and immerse you in the LBP world.

BigStef711744d ago

I just got it:). By the way if anyone hasn't picked up mgs hd collection for ps3 its $30 at best buy with free shipping which I just picked up as well

MizTv1744d ago

Yes!!!! Sooo good!!
I fn love mgs2
But doesn't the vita have no games?

BigStef711744d ago

I've only played mgs1 and a little bit of 2 on the original xbox so im excited to give the series a go:).The games are coming my friend;). There are quite a few already out. I just got my vita and I'm excited to play all the great games on the system:D. Plus we recently got Golden Abyss Gravity Rush and wipeout 2048 for free with ps+

refocusedman1745d ago

Gamestop has the same sale going on for these 2 titles ( although you should probably purchase them from amazon because gamestop sucks).

illegalprelude1745d ago

Yea, I don't really like shopping there. All the employees feel like they have some superior knowledge and always try to persuade you to buy another game based on their opinion.

Capt-FuzzyPants1745d ago

Yeah a little while back I asked if they had FF14 in stock and the lady told me it wasn't out yet. She said arrogantly and condescendingly. When I told her it's been out for two years she looked confused. I'll just stick to Best Buy and online for now on.

Qrphe1745d ago

I stopped supporting Gamestop a long time ago.

Rynocirator1745d ago

I work at gamestop and I don't support it...

Y_51501744d ago

@Rynocirator in some way you are still supporting Gamestop. How the irony! XD

ABizzel11744d ago

I've only found 1 good Gamestop out of all the places I've been, and that's in Belmont, CA by the Safeway. THE BEST EVER. Every other one sucks.

Haha1231745d ago

Didnt it just come out?

Hicken1745d ago

It's the holidays; everything's getting discounts.

KenKaz1745d ago

Mega flops! That's a major bomb! These games are barely a week old!

longcat1745d ago

thanks to PSN plus i havent bought anything at retail in months. I think that plus is going to screw with retails sales a bit

Qrphe1745d ago

A bit but not significantly, specially since one probably wouldn't have bought the most of those free games anyway.

Godchild10201744d ago

What do you call Hitman: Absolution, That was 20 dollars off the week after or so after release. Among others this holiday that didn't go on sale the day of Black Friday or that Cyber Monday.

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