Treyarch responds to ‘Black Ops 2’ weapon balance complaints; explains process David Vonderhaar responded to numerous complaints on Friday regarding the new weapon balance adjustments that were made with the latest patch of the multiplatform title, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.” The game design director explained to fans about how the balancing and tuning processes work. One of the examples he used involves the sub machine guns in the Nintendo Wii U, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game.

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TopDudeMan2017d ago

Right now I really like the FAL with select fire on auto. I really hope that doesn't get nerfed.

Anon19742017d ago

I never played multiplayer in Black Ops, just the single player, but my shooter friends all warned me of terrible balance issues in the Black Ops multiplayer and within a week of Black Ops release they had all either gone back to MW2 or were playing something else.

Can anyone confirm if this is the same weapon balance issue we saw in Treyarch's last Black Ops game, or if it even suffered from them? I'm just curious. I'm still on the fence about picking this one up. For me, Black Op's single player was a disappointment, enough for me to think my shooter fix might be best met elsewhere. Thoughts?

TopDudeMan2017d ago

Well, yeah. A select few SMGs are just dominating the game right now. But black ops 1 was not that bad. You could still get away with using just about any weapon.

Tetsujin2017d ago

I was told they removed Free for All in hardcore mode without any reason; as far as balancing I haven't really been told too much outside there's still certain weapons that dominate even after the patch. If I was you I'd borrow/rent it first before putting $ down, so far the Nuketown 2025 removal (then put back under restrictive circumstances) and the F4A (Free for All) removal really put a bad taste in people's mouth. I don't personally own the game but I know people who do and every week they have something new to complain about.

goflyakite2016d ago

Your friends went back to MW2 because of balance issues, my thoughts? LOL.

Scenarist2017d ago

@TopDudeMan yea thats what im fav shit right now

Yo Mama2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

That WAS one of the AR's that got nerfed. If you are using a FAL + Select fire, this latest patch increased the recoil a lot. It was awesome before that. Now, not so much.

3-4-52016d ago


FAL + Select Fire + FMJ + Red Dot Sight = awesome

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InTheZoneAC2017d ago

how about treyarch remove aim assist and quit worrying about weapons.

RowSand2017d ago

im-agreed.remove.the.aim.assis t

Cam9772017d ago

I too support your statement.

brich2332017d ago

aim assist is whats ruining the game, trying playing with it disabled and you will almost always go negative. Its really hard to play with it disabled because aim assist is so noob friendly that it works through walls. If it was off by default the retard would stand out and there would be less people playing Blops 2.

Dark_Overlord2017d ago

I'd say the lag compensation needs sorting first :/

MysticStrummer2017d ago

Agreed. If SMGs are overpowered, at least everyone could use an SMG to level the playing field. With lag compensation in it's current state there is no level playing field.

brodychet2016d ago

Lag compensation makes the game unplayable. You never know what kind of game you're going to have.

csreynolds2016d ago

Agreed. I don't like relying on luck every time I attempt to kill someone...

Norrison2016d ago

Get the PC version, no aim assist.

RedSoakedSponge2016d ago

they should atleast make a playlist just for no aim assist. would be interesting to see how it is

violents2016d ago

Isnt that the league play? No perks, full weapons lists. No one can bitch that your doing better because your a higher level and have better weapons/perks. League play is supposed to be based on pure skill, no assists.

ChronoJoe2016d ago

No none of the playlists have no aim assist, not even league play.

It would be kinda cool I think. It's hard, I've tried it for a few games, but you can adapt to it pretty easily.

RedSoakedSponge2016d ago

dont you know what aim assist is? draws your reticle towards the enemy to make it easier to aim

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ExCest2017d ago

First time I played, SMGs dominated. Then, I stopped.

PSWarlord2017d ago

Aim assist is what makes COD games. Its the sort of game everyone can master quickly, Some are better than others but that comes down to better reactions (majorly assisted by aim assist) and countless hours and waste of life a small minority put into these games. I haven't bought a COD since the original BLK:OPS, I now play (when I have the time) is BF3, Sure I know it does have aim assist but nowhere near the same degree of COD and I can get my fix in one game, as Conquest or Rush usually last a good 30 minutes!

csreynolds2016d ago

I have gone back to Battlefield 3 having played the travesty that is Black Ops 2. It's more satisfying, less laggy, and teamwork MATTERS. Call of Duty will forever cater to lone runners, no matter what the developers try to do to counter it; a 'team' in CoD is a group of individuals competing for the highest K/D ratio...

violents2016d ago

I did the same thing with the last COD and everytime I play BF everyone is running around just like its a COD game. Teamwork is pratically non existant unless you have a bunch of freinds on with you. It was so frustrating that I quit playing.

csreynolds2015d ago

Too an extent, that is true. There are some headless chicken types on Battlefield, but they're nowhere near as common.

Granted, there are times where you need to take the fore and do some heavy lifting before your squad realises it's their job to support you, but when you fall into a squad that backs you from the start it's seamless enjoyment. My friends don't play Battlefield as much anymore (CoD sheep) so I'm often on my own, but I've been lucky enough to join some epic teams in the last few weeks...

You will have tough games, but the good ones really make up for them.

GammaSix2016d ago

The aim assist is the real issue, the people bitching about guns just suck really.

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