Warhorse Studios showcases next-generation RPG, powered by CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "Back in February, we informed you about Warhorse Studios' deal with Crytek. Warhorse Studios has got its hands on CryEngine 3 and has been working on an unannounced role-playing game (RPG) and today, YouTube's member 'Kubina14' has uploaded an off-camera video that showcases what Warhorse has been up to this entire time."

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ATi_Elite1871d ago

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare looks like that right now!

actually the upcoming ArcheAge also looks like this now!!!

So there you have it folks your Next Gen Consoles Graphics will look like this!

Psychonaughty1870d ago

I agree, it's very this-gen looking honestly.

claud31871d ago

It look pretty good.... I wonder what RPG will carry them graphics

Ashunderfire861871d ago

It would be wishful thinking if it's Zelda, but I say Fable 4!!!

elhebbo161871d ago

I pretty sure the game that its being made for would be something a bit more gritty and realistic.

KangarooSam1871d ago

Jesus, that looks incredible. I'm gonna have to wait for a next gen console :/ but at least I now know it'll be worth it ^_^

a08andan1871d ago

Everything in this video is static and that doesn't nearly require as much power as real-time rendered lighting, physics, destruction etc. In it self it does look very nice, but this is not proof of anything :P

Ck1x1871d ago

I agree! This does look great, but its not real world gameplay...

MikeMyers1871d ago

The buildings are static but the flowers and trees are not. It will also have real-time lighting. It's obviously at the early stages but so far it looks very impressive. The level of detail is quite amazing.

a08andan1870d ago

It's just that no shadows, from what I could see, were moving. :) But nevertheless, as you say, the level of detail is amazing! Can't take that away!

elhebbo161871d ago

the flowers and tree's where moving, so not everything is static. its CE3 so expect real-time lighting.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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