Microsoft announce a Youtube-type gaming service for Xbox 360 Owners

Microsoft have just announced a gaming service similar to Youtube for all Xbox 360 owners.

"For the first time ever this year you'll be able to have community games distributed via Xbox Live for free!"

XNA Developers will be able to submit their creations to Xbox Live where other games can play and review their games at no cost.

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niall773746d ago

good idea.

even if 99% of the games are ameture created wastes of bandwith there will be a few gems in this

Mr Murda3746d ago

It's the idea that these small developers can get feedback on their ideas, and maybe land a contract with MS to get on XBLA or better. Brilliant idea by MS, because this would give them a great way to recruit new/innovative developers to work for them on bigger projects. Good for MS and good for XBL gamers. Smart.

gaffyh3746d ago

Yeah but these are XNA games meaning they are being developed by amateurs so they should be free, it wouldn't be fair on the devs if MS charged for the content and they didn't see any of the money. It's like that thing Sony did on PS1 and they used to put some of the games on demoes, I can't remember the name of it Y....

cow moolester3746d ago

I'm loving the thought of this! They are already available for download right now!

socomnick3746d ago

This kicks the living crap out of little big planet.

Rice3746d ago

Are u trying to start something you cant even compare this to little big planet...

socomnick3745d ago

Sure you can rice Lbp is a application that lets users create their own levels. Xna is a application that lets users create their own games for FREE.

killer_trap3746d ago

great idea, it's moments like these i hit myself in the head and say" why didn't i think of that".

resistance1003746d ago

Good idea, will be interesting to see if this takes off, i mean i've had one look at the tools and walk away so i for one will stick to LBP and create my own levels as that looks alot of fun, but will be nice to see games made by gamers and gald its free.

pricklypete3746d ago

I prefer PS by FAR compared to MS, but have to say this idea is a really good one and demonstrates a turn in the right direction for MS.

It's like the American Idol of gaming. pick me pick me!

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The story is too old to be commented.