GDC: "Games play better on 360" reports that John Schappert believes that the Microsoft console delivers a superior experience.

Games sell better on the Xbox 360 because they simply play better on Xbox 360."

That's the bold claim of John Schappert, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Live, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business, during his keynote presentation at this year's Game Developers Conference in the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Schappert, who cited rating aggregation site, Metacritic, believed that the Xbox 360 has more titles rated 80, 90 or above that the other main consoles put together - and this is having a significant impact on software sales.

In addition he heralded the community aspects of the platform: "We've got the best development tools and the best online service. You can simply do more on our platform," he said.

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eagle213657d ago

1.) A 360 is red ringing in the press area!

2.) Kotaku is trying to figure out why Too Human keeps chugging (even on cut scenes)?

3.) And they are getting outsold by Nintendo and Sony Worldwide.

There should be a job for someone called a CEO/President briefer, who carries around a laptop, and informs them before they go on stage: "you might not want to say that"

paracardium3657d ago


UnblessedSoul3657d ago

What is this clown smoking

HarryEtTubMan3657d ago

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajaja hahahahhaha

PS3 has all the momentum... PSN has EVERYTHING and more XBL has on it coming very soon. PS3 has all the bigest hyped games coming...PS3 has the most reliable console.... 95% of multiplatform games run equal to the 360...what games dont...Madden 08... Orange box BARELYYYY beacuse EA are noobs./

THIS IS ABSOLUTE DESPERATAION AT ITS FINEST. Too bad the consumer is, and will continue to choose the REAL next gen console. Whats the last time a game has came out that ran better on 360 BESIDES Orange box??????

Now watch. Sony wont say a thing. Because they KNOW they are going to win.Sonyt could say... "our console runs 40% better than our competitors console is the most defective console ever created."

I own a 360 but I serisouly HATE Microsft. THEY ARE SOOOO DESPERATE TO TRY AND BEAT SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And its not even true. THE PS3 IS A CONSOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NOT A F'ING PC. It innovative and look at games like Killzone 2 comnig(which will look way better than what weve seen so far)...Microsft are absolute as$clowns.

I HAVE NEVER HEARD Sony call Microsft out on NUMEROUS things they can. Sony has the momentum. Microsft is DESPERATE. This was true. Did COD4 or Assassins Creed or Dirt or Oblivion or DMC4 or Burnout Paradise or Turok or ANYTHING besides Orange Box and Madden 08 run better on the 360? NO

Sony is putting EVERYTHING XBL has into the PS3. HE KNOWS THIS. That why they are doing there youtube crap. Because Playstaiton Home goes B3YOND Xbox Live. THEY KNOW IT. Sony knmows it.

The truth is seen. Look at the sales. Microsft ONLY whens BARELY in worldwide software sales because of a year headstart in userbase.

MICROSOFT ARE BEGINNING TO SMELL 3rd place. Get used to it bots. hahahahhahahahaha


Iron Man 23657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Hmmm...Dark Sniper wonders who paid his guy off to say such nonsense,Dark Sniper knows who,Microsoft are that desperate to receive some positive feedback for their outdated console that they have to pay off people for some,pathetic!


C_SoL3657d ago

Even though he doesn't know jack-diggley-squat about the other system. Everything will change when Home comes out.

Cyrus3653657d ago

How will home change multiplat games that look as good or better on 360 for the most part?

BLACKJACK VII3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

LMAO !!!

What does "Home" have to do with games running better on the Xbox 360 ?!? Is Home going to add another 256 megs of memory to the PS3 ?????

"We've got the best development tools and the best online service." = TRUE

"Schappert, who cited rating aggregation site, Metacritic, believed that the Xbox 360 has more titles rated 80, 90 or above that the other main consoles put together" = TRUE

Check out Metacritic ppl, not even one Sony exclusive is AAA or rated above a 90% !!!

Before you clowns attack this article, do alittle research on what he is saying... it is a WELL KNOWN FACT that most multiplats DO RUN BETTER on the 360 in 2007, & even so far in 2008. For a 2008 example, The 360 doesnt need a 5GB download to run DMC4... Im sure I dont need to waste my time listing all the multiplats that run better on 360, that is why the 360 multiplats usually review better than their PS3 counterparts, they RUN smoother....

3657d ago
deeznuts3657d ago

Listening to this guy is like listening to an ugly ducking's mother tell me her little duckling is pretty. I'll form my own opinion thank you.

Gorgon3657d ago

"Check out Metacritic ppl, not even one Sony exclusive is AAA or rated above a 90% !!! "

An you don't even know what AAA means do you?

sonarus3657d ago

bold statement but its unfortunately true. Majority of console owners own one console so the real reason games sell better has more to do with 360's console far outnumbering ps3 in the US especially. But for 2 console owners that is the sole deciding factor 360 usually looks and plays better cus 360 is usually lead

mikeslemonade3657d ago

That's easy to say because 360 and PS3 will have two different types of growth. The 360 will come in and dominate and hit its prime fast and early. The PS3 will continue to grow everywhere. Games play better on 360 is only a true statement for now. You won't be saying that a year from now.

jwatt3657d ago

If your talking about 2007. Developers are getting the grips with the ps3. I mean we have already seen this with games like COD4, DMC4 and Burnout.

Now If developers half @ss on the ps3 then they will most likely perform better on the 36o or if they port it from the 360 to the ps3.
But like the Devs from Rainbow six vegas 2 the ps3 version will not be a port. Things are alot different this year compared to last year.

jmare3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

@gorgon and Blackjack
Using meatcritics numbers, you see that 46% of PS3 games are rated good (green) versus only 41% of the 360's. what does this all mean. diddly $hit. Anyone can twist the numbers any way they like and please show an official definition of 'AAA'.

EDIT: BOOHOO. Someone's feelings were hurt because of math. It's okay math is so mean to everybody else too. (Frowny Face) If you are going to disagree, at least man up and say why.

Superiorrior3657d ago


This is the GamerZone dude, if you wanna get torn apart go to the Open Zone where I'm sure us and many other will feast on your soul.

C_SoL3657d ago

?! Uh HuH...Wow. What I said was referring to what he said about them "having alot of achievements & that you can simply do more on our platform." Like I said Home is about to change that. So basically he doesn't know what Sony has in store. If u can't comprehend what I said, then ur fukin stupid.

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