Ong Bak Tri Exclusive Shots

Triverse writes, "Ong Bak Tri, a title that was completely unknown around here at Gamging on Sony, that is till more information became available for it. Based on the upcoming movie, Ong Bak Tri will be hitting PC, Android, iOS and console platforms, running on Unity Engine set in a 2.5D world, Ong Bak Tri looks interesting to say the least. We have quick time battles (which apparently are using the Xbox 360 control scheme based on the pics) and we have 2.5D graphics that are simply jaw droppingly gorgeous. Check it out below."

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bacrec11779d ago

Im a big Tony Jaa fan, it doesn't look a thing like him. Severely disappointed.

Deadpool6161778d ago

I wonder how the game will play? I've been ready to play a new brawler.

sonicsidewinder1778d ago

Only seen Ong Bak 1. Really liked it, as did Warrior King.

Saw trailer of the second where Elephants bow down to Tony Jaa, was like: