Can the PS4 bring Sony back to console dominance?

OmniGamer Writes "Just think about it, when the Sony PS1 came out, there were no competition. When the PS2 came out it was a flawless victory, so why has the PS3 not dominate the console market this generation? OK let’s hear it, blame the Xbox 360 and the Wii, nope that’s no excuse. Sony pedigree and their fan base, no, that runs deeper than the Nile River. All competition should have been destroyed, but why then is the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 in the USA for 23 straight months? And please don't tell me; well the PS3 beats the Xbox 360 in the other territories, Sony should be winning in all territories period."

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NYC_Gamer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm buying the PS4 regardless.I don't care about what place the console is in sales wise.

MariaHelFutura1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm buying all of them. I don't care where any of them place. Playstation owns all of my favorite developers, so their systems are always my most anticipated/favorites.

piroh1960d ago

i don´t care what place or price or name, if it´s from Sony i want it because of Gran Turismo, Killzone, God of War, Hot shot golf/tennis, Motorstorm, LittleBigPlanet, Tekken, Naughty dog games, Move games, Level5 games, and more

on topic, PS3 sold 70 million units, PSP sold 75 million units, to me it doesn´t seems like disappointment. for comparison old Xbox sold 25 million units, GameCube sold 20 million units

ZombieNinjaPanda1960d ago


How are you comparing the Ps2/gamecube/xbox era to the Ps3/360/wii era??

Cam9771960d ago

I agree with the part you said about developers.

BattleAxe1960d ago

I'll probably buy a PS4 since I've never been let down by the Playstation brand. I really don't understand the people who say that they're going to buy all of the they really have that much time on their hands? Between PC and PS3, I've got a pretty large backlog of games as it is.

MariaHelFutura1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I don't like missing any games that I want to play. Nintendo has a bunch, Sony has the my favorites, Microsoft always has a few that I'm interested in and I don't game on PC. For example my 360 was basically only used to play... Mass Effect 1, Oblivion (when it released), Lost Oddessy, Tales Of Vesperia, Viva Pinata, Alan Wake, SC:Conviction, The Witcher 2, The Orange Box and a few others. I could care less about Gears. Halo and Forza. But, it IMO was well worth owing a 360 for. I can also see how some wouldn't or couldn't afford to. I just want to and can, so I do.

MikeMyers1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

If Sony had dominated like they had the two previous generations it would have forced the hand for 3rd party developers and they would have used the PS3 as the lead platform. That didn't happen which is why some games would actually play worse or got left behind (Bethesda for example and the issues they are having with DLC).

This is why Sony is now forced to adapt and create hardware developers want. Sony no longer controls the market and cannot dictate their systems being the lead platform. Sony needs to do away with proprietary hardware that only really benefits Sony.

And before anyone chimes in suggesting the developers need to understand better that's not really the result we want. Microsoft proved with the original Xbox they can benefit from taking an extra year, not costing the consumer any extra money, all while not frustrating the game programmers and having a more powerful system that didn't suffer from poor ports (only very few games did like MGS).

We also don't need total dominance. What happened last time? If I remember correctly Playstation fans were handed a $600 console. It was the stiffer competition that forced the price down.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago

I can't believe so many people have decided that they are/aren't getting some or all of the consoles that we know absolutely nothing about.

Consoldtobots1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

whats there to know??

that MS will keep charging for LIVE? that's reason enough for some not to buy their console. With the price of everything today the last thing some of us want is to pay to be able to enjoy the other half of the games we buy.

SonyWarrior1960d ago

im buying a ps4 due to fact of arrownasticnes and space simplisity

nukeitall1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


"that MS will keep charging for LIVE? that's reason enough for some not to buy their console."

For some that is a strong incentive to buy MS console due to the frequent quality updates. So far, 3 major dashboard updates while the competition since inception finally only got their online store updated.

Which each service there is a level of expectation depending on what you paid for it. I for one like having choices and competition. Both free and premium service is ideal as it is.

Lvl_up_gamer1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@ Consoldtobots

You make it sound like MS just suddenly added XBL last week.

Paying for XBL was here day 1 at the launch of the Xbxo 360 yet the Xbox 360 still managed to sell 70+ million. So considering the fist xbox sold 24 million and the 360 sold 54 million MORE WITH XBL a paid subscription day 1 I would say you are dead wrong.

XBL is well known to be a quality product in which those who want and enjoy it's features are willing to pay for them.

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MariaHelFutura1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Double post.

NukaCola1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Agreed. The reason I have stuck to Playstation for almost 17 year now, is that they always, and I mean ALWAYS deliver some of the most innovating and rewarding gaming experiences around. From the early days of Oddworld and Crash and FF VII to the amazing God of War, Ico/Sotc, to Uncharted and Flower and Journey. I am never disappointed.

rezzah1960d ago

Yea, I've been gaming on playstations since i was like 6.

UnSelf1960d ago

Stopped at "there was no competition."

So the Saturn and 64 were figments of our imaginations everybody

zebramocha1960d ago

I think he means as to stop the success of the psx.

doogiebear1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Saturn and 64 combined had nothing on ps1. It was the better console to develop for, had infinitely more games, and made games mainstream without betraying the hardcore audience. CD's made it cheap, bigger games, and better sound. Saturn had cd's too, but the hardware was clunky to develop on. N64 doomed itself with cartridges, a wierd (yet innovative) controller, and low polygon count. Plus lack of 3rd party support (ps1 had all tekken games, final fantasy, jrpg's, all types of variety).

Ps1 was the greatest system of our modern times.

insomnium21960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Ummm..... there will never be a dominance like that ever again if you ask me. Not that that is anything to worry about for Sony. They will have another 100+ million seller in their hands with PS3 so why should they care if the market expands to new territorys and Wii gets a 100 million seller with Wii from casuals during the same gen?

I mean isnt it obvious that anyone declaring doom on Sony due to lost market share is in it for s*its and giggles or fanboyism? I mean THAT*S the best they can do? Pfft gtfo...LOL!

wishingW3L1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

the Wii? If it weren't for the lack of 3rd party support I bet the Wii Would have sold like 200m consoles but now it will not even going to surpass the PS2.

Outside_ofthe_Box1960d ago

***"there will never be a dominance like that ever again"***

***"They will have another 100+ million seller in their hands with PS3 so why should they care if the market expands to new territorys and Wii gets a 100 million seller with Wii from casuals during the same gen?"***

***"I mean isnt it obvious that anyone declaring doom on Sony due to lost market share is in it for s*its and giggles or fanboyism?"***

lol I can't believe there is actually someone who views things this way. People think that market share is all that matters. Like you said, why should one care if your competitors sold a butt load of consoles when you yourself have sold a butt load as well? This whole 1st, 2nd, 3rd place nonsense is definitely just to fuel the console wars.

showtimefolks1960d ago

for next gen i am only buying a ps4, its not that i don't want other consoles but life is so busy with work and kids its hard for me to have time for one console right now

ms has shown me nothing to say next xbox will be any better because we have had the same exclusives of halo,gears and fable has been replaced by forza. Ms sees kinect and a casual market and forgot about us the core gamers. instead of paying for exclusive dlc how about invest that money into smaller development teams to work on xblive game. also when ps4 gets cross game chat and psn is still free than what would be the reason for MS to charge for xblive?

wii-u well all i will say is this i am so excited to play nintendo's games in HD finally. but 3rd party support will be the same story like all nintendo consoles since NES

sony-ps4, been with ps brand since ps1 and sony hasn't let me down so i trust they will deliver once again. i hope this time ps4/next xbox launches at the same time just to see which brand is actually stronger. with 12 development studios along with few 2nd party studios like ready at dawn,QD and insomniac sony if not else knows how to deliver excellent exclusives.

so while all 3 have pros and oons for me its about time and history with ps brand.

i believe next gen race will be between xbox and ps because i don't think either company is worried about nintendo. out of all 3 nintendo has the most to prove

calis1960d ago

Same boat here. Too much time spent elsewhere I don't have the time for all 3 so it will be PS4...unless Sony does something really wrong with it.

Nes_Daze1960d ago

Agreed,based on some of the comments I see here, how the hell do people have time for PS3, Xbox, Wii, and PC??

JAPS3KHLBP141960d ago

Yes I mostly agree with that but if sony next console is a disaster, you should care then because that could be a factor in sony not producing anymore consoles in the future. However I believe sony can have a more successful console next generation because of their past mistakes that have learned from and plus Sony has been VERY VERY successful in the past. I would hate for Sony to EVER leave the console market, I love Playstation because i believe it produces the best exclusives and a lot of them. I buy game consoles to play good games, not to try some gimmick motion control bull shit, Game pad all the way!

doogiebear1960d ago

Long live Sony! I'm only getting PS4 and the newly announced Valve console. To hell with Microsoft and Nintendo. Their practices suck, are reminiscent of Apple's shady ways, and only cater to mindless casuals.

Nintendo and M$ WILL NOT be getting my money again anytime soon.

ThanatosDMC1960d ago

I'm hoping that the PS4 will be able to handle the awesomeness of Planetside 2 on high settings and keep the 2000 player count per continent.

VonBraunschweigg1960d ago

No, you want a sequel to MAG on PS4:)

But seriously, I haven't played Planetside 1 or 2 but the massive scale I've seen in the video's is something I can appreciate a lot. I hadn't thought of it but yeah, it would be awesome to see Planetside 2 on PS4. After MAG, why not? It's out now, free to play, they still have lots of time to make it work before the PS4 is out.

Great idea. Send them a, no just tell-em. We want Planetside on Playstation.

ThanatosDMC1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Planetside 2 is what MAG 2 should be... im sold on Planetside 2. No matter how much i loved MAG. Planetside 2 beats it except the proximity chat, group chat, and platoon chat. It's just not as stable as MAG and you have to press a button.

SnotyTheRocket1960d ago

I'm also entirely sure Sony is winning on the console department, well, games wise anyway.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

All I need is ps4 and my steam box.

*turn on ps4 signs in to psn with psn name.*

*turns on steam box signs in to steam with psn name*


colonel1791960d ago

I always base my purchase of consoles on the games. I always buy Nintendo consoles because I like Mario, Zelda, etc.. but for Xbox and PlayStation, I choose the one that have the games I want to play. I don't care if they only sell one console in their lifetime, as long as i am happy with it.

Last gen I loved the Xbox, that I exchanged my gamecube for it (when my first one broke), I didn't even touch the PS2 at all. Then everything changed when the PS3 was announced, and it had a lot of games I was interested in. I still wanted an Xbox 360, but a friend got one at launch, and when I played it, it confirmed that I preferred to wait for the PS3 instead, and I have been really happy with it since then.

With the new consoles, it will be the same. I'll check which one has more games I am interested in and it will be the one I'll buy. Then I will wait for a Mario or Zelda or Metroid, etc to be announced to buy the Wii U (with Pikmin 3 by then)

Jason1431960d ago

as will any true gamer. Honestly without playing fan boy and having owned all systems ps3 had the most amazing jaw dropping exclusives this gen. But like I said a true gamer will own all lol We are dedicated what can I say

TAURUS-5551960d ago

i trust in the sony brand no matter what, theyre the best.
i got PS1, PS2, PS3 and the PS4 will be the best console by far, no doubt about it.

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Riderz13371960d ago

Can't really say if it will bring them back to dominance since we know literally nothing about it (nothing has been confirmed). However, seeing as they have a large variety of first party publishers really makes me want to buy it day 1. Also I hope they bring something like PS Plus down the line. I know it can't come day 1 seeing as they would have no games to give out but I can wait for it. Unless the PS4 will have backwards compatibility in which you can get free PS3 games on it. That would be awesome and would mean a definite PS4 day 1 buy for me.

Larry L1960d ago

I'm sure Plus will still be there for launch on PS4. I obviously doubt PS4 content day 1 (but who knows, Sony is pretty generous), but Plus will still be getting PS3 and PSN content for sure. PSN (or SEN if you prefer) is now well established, it's not going to be torn down and started anwe for PS4. It's going to be the same PSN, same IDs and all that. So I'm sure (unless Sony hardware designers are stupid), all Digital PS3 content will work on PS4.

Hopefully that's the case for both gamers and Sony. Because that's a major incentive for ALOT of current PS3 owners to move on to PS4 as soon as they can. If 100% of their current digital "stuff" works (physical too, but I'm talking about Plus here) AND you have the benefit of being able to play the "new stuff" as well, there's no reason [not] to get a PS4 and the hardware generation will start off with a bang and the install base will build more quickly.

JoelJD141960d ago

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Door is wide open for anybody.

LOL_WUT1960d ago

It all depends on the price point and when they plan to release it. Hopefully they learned their lesson this gen.

Omni ;)

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1960d ago

omni gamer will be an omni gamer when omni launches next year ;-)

btw. everyone was saying how PSP2 will cost like 400-450$ but they announced it for 250-299$.
they learned their lesson from PS3 and PS4 (Omni)
won't cost 600$. I would say 399$.

Hanso1960d ago

yeah i too think its gonna be 399!

prototypeknuckles1960d ago

well for me no matter what im getting one but it wont be day one because im looking for failure rate, but regardless i will get a ps4, now will it bring back dominace, it all depends on how consumers feel about the price.

ABizzel11960d ago

I agree on not getting Day 1, but not for Failure Rate. Day 1 buyers generally have a great launch, but it's hard to keep the momentum up after the launch since there's literally no back catalog to play (besides last gen).

It truly depends on what's offered Day 1, and the difference between current-gen and next-gen games.

Pillsbury11960d ago

Same for me I will wait until 2nd iteration of ps4 because of the lower failur rate, excited for the future. Transparent amoled? Excited.