Game Revolution Reviews Dynasty Warriors 6

"Yep, that pretty much sums up the game (*cough*, the series): an epic, historic, manically glorified Chinese-friend beater. But as brutal as that might sound, Koei has refined it and delivered the best Dynasty Warriors title yet. Didn't see that coming, did 'ya?"

Evolving over the last decade, the series has consistently combined hack-and-slash with some light RPG elements - gaining experience points, leveling up, equipping weapons, and whatever else could be tossed in as a shrug-your-shoulders update. If there was ever a case against iterative franchises, this would be Exhibits A through D."


It doesn't matter whether you're Chinese, American, both, or neither. Even with the enhancements and tweaks, Dynasty Warriors 6 is still the same old fried rice - re-heated, re-seasoned, and re-served once more."

- Nick Tan

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