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GameCritics: "I would imagine that the goal of Hitman: Absolution was to take Agent 47's detailed, methodical gameplay and make it appeal to players more familiar with modern action/stealth hybrids, but all the devs have done is eviscerate their unique franchise with poorly-implemented mechanics and left him to die an awkward, humiliating death."

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ChR0n1k1807d ago

I was also fairly let down with this game, I am glad I am not the only one who was getting pissed off at the checkpoints being so sporadic.

yeahokchief1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Checkpoints so sporadic??? Old hitman games never even gave you checkpoints, a radar, instinct mode or notification of who could spot you. You're a coddled gamer my friend. You just don't realize it.

This game was amazing. I loved it.

2pacalypsenow1807d ago

Hitman blood money did they gave you 3 i think but this game is no where near a 3.5/10 its a solid 8

ChR0n1k1807d ago

I don't have time to replay parts over and over to see all the separate endings anymore... the old Hitman games I did when I was in my prime gaming days. I enjoy games with no save system and live menus for increased challenge... this just doesn't feel like the right game for it. Also, coddled is far from it, more like full-time employed gamer with too many games to pick from.

I also thing 3.5 is far too low, that was more of an attempt at stirring the pot than a realistic number. Only a broken, unfinished game should get that. 7 is more realistic to me, this game gets tons of thumbs ups from me and so does the uniqueness of the entire series. Wish I could say the same for the movie...

Super-Brad1807d ago

Did anyone else notice that nearly every NPC that you had to avoid, was made easier because they had to stop their patrol route to have a quick smoke?

Even civilian NPCs had a smoking animation, so did a few of the targets. This in my opinion made slipping by that much easier.

Moral of the story: Smoking is a big cause of death, if you catch my drift.

iamnsuperman1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I agree. A 3.5 is really an unplayable game. Hitman is a solid 7-8 out of 10 game. I am currently nearly finished it and it is fun. There isn't any noticeable bugs. I have an issue with the story and how I find it hard to follow but the core game is well developed and fun to play

On a side note (but important one) where is the score in the review. It seems the uploaded is giving a poor score for more hits on the story which is pretty sad.

Lavalamp1807d ago

Hey there, iamnsuperman! Please check your PM!

BanBrother1807d ago

"It wasnt that bad.."

Absolutely agree. I was reading the comments, and thinking "what are these whiners whining about". I mis-read the score and thought it was 3.5/5. Lol. Couldn't have been more wrong.

People have been saying this for ages, that we should eliminate review scores that are much lower than the average. Why? Because if it is way lower than everyone else's (in this case, about 5/10 marks lower), then who is it helping? Reviews are there to help people in their decision to buy a game, and if your score isn't anywhere near the mark, maybe you need to get a job you're good at?

CaptainPunch1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Lmao a score that low would mean the game is broken, honestly this is just sad. The game is great. A 7/10 is probably the lowest it deserves. Just another site looking for hits.

A disagree already? Please enlighten me how this game deserves a 3.5/10. Oh wait this is N4G...

knocknock1807d ago

I don't get this review, I'm just finishing as we speak but I didn't struggle with the narrative or costumes(hold RB when the bars directional indicator shows you've court some ones attention and you turn your head away from them) or the temptation to shoot everyone(except in the convent) people complain there were to many body dump points but also complained of not enough check points? WTF? Do you just suck, I think what you ment to say is " it's broken it doesn't let me win wah wah" my only complains where the sight beyond sight and radar range where too long so it was just easy to watch the radar.
I wouldn't give EDF 3.5 out of 10 let alone hitman abs.

MrAnderson1807d ago

They see me trollin, they hatin.

-epidemic-1807d ago

Where is the score on the review?

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