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Hitman: Absolution Review | GameCritics

GameCritics: "I would imagine that the goal of Hitman: Absolution was to take Agent 47's detailed, methodical gameplay and make it appeal to players more familiar with modern action/stealth hybrids, but all the devs have done is eviscerate their unique franchise with poorly-implemented mechanics and left him to die an awkward, humiliating death." (Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 3.5/10

ChR0n1k  +   843d ago
I was also fairly let down with this game, I am glad I am not the only one who was getting pissed off at the checkpoints being so sporadic.
yeahokchief  +   843d ago
Checkpoints so sporadic??? Old hitman games never even gave you checkpoints, a radar, instinct mode or notification of who could spot you. You're a coddled gamer my friend. You just don't realize it.

This game was amazing. I loved it.
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2pacalypsenow  +   843d ago
Hitman blood money did they gave you 3 i think but this game is no where near a 3.5/10 its a solid 8
ChR0n1k  +   843d ago
I don't have time to replay parts over and over to see all the separate endings anymore... the old Hitman games I did when I was in my prime gaming days. I enjoy games with no save system and live menus for increased challenge... this just doesn't feel like the right game for it. Also, coddled is far from it, more like full-time employed gamer with too many games to pick from.

I also thing 3.5 is far too low, that was more of an attempt at stirring the pot than a realistic number. Only a broken, unfinished game should get that. 7 is more realistic to me, this game gets tons of thumbs ups from me and so does the uniqueness of the entire series. Wish I could say the same for the movie...
Super-Brad  +   843d ago
Did anyone else notice that nearly every NPC that you had to avoid, was made easier because they had to stop their patrol route to have a quick smoke?

Even civilian NPCs had a smoking animation, so did a few of the targets. This in my opinion made slipping by that much easier.

Moral of the story: Smoking is a big cause of death, if you catch my drift.
SolidStoner  +   843d ago
It wasnt that bad..
iamnsuperman  +   843d ago
I agree. A 3.5 is really an unplayable game. Hitman is a solid 7-8 out of 10 game. I am currently nearly finished it and it is fun. There isn't any noticeable bugs. I have an issue with the story and how I find it hard to follow but the core game is well developed and fun to play

On a side note (but important one) where is the score in the review. It seems the uploaded is giving a poor score for more hits on the story which is pretty sad.
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Lavalamp  +   843d ago
Hey there, iamnsuperman! Please check your PM!
BanBrother  +   843d ago
"It wasnt that bad.."

Absolutely agree. I was reading the comments, and thinking "what are these whiners whining about". I mis-read the score and thought it was 3.5/5. Lol. Couldn't have been more wrong.

People have been saying this for ages, that we should eliminate review scores that are much lower than the average. Why? Because if it is way lower than everyone else's (in this case, about 5/10 marks lower), then who is it helping? Reviews are there to help people in their decision to buy a game, and if your score isn't anywhere near the mark, maybe you need to get a job you're good at?
CaptainPunch  +   843d ago
Lmao a score that low would mean the game is broken, honestly this is just sad. The game is great. A 7/10 is probably the lowest it deserves. Just another site looking for hits.

A disagree already? Please enlighten me how this game deserves a 3.5/10. Oh wait this is N4G...
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knocknock  +   843d ago
I don't get this review, I'm just finishing as we speak but I didn't struggle with the narrative or costumes(hold RB when the bars directional indicator shows you've court some ones attention and you turn your head away from them) or the temptation to shoot everyone(except in the convent) people complain there were to many body dump points but also complained of not enough check points? WTF? Do you just suck, I think what you ment to say is " it's broken it doesn't let me win wah wah" my only complains where the sight beyond sight and radar range where too long so it was just easy to watch the radar.
I wouldn't give EDF 3.5 out of 10 let alone hitman abs.
MrAnderson  +   843d ago
They see me trollin, they hatin.
-epidemic-  +   843d ago
Where is the score on the review?
RuperttheBear  +   843d ago
While I feel this game wasn't all I hoped it would be, I still enjoyed it a lot. 3.5 out of 10 seems very unfair really.
hiredhelp  +   843d ago
this deserves a much better score.
ITFGaming  +   843d ago
I can agree with some points of this review; however, I cannot agree with the score... 3.5/10 comes across as a game that has been slapped together with a bad concept, severe technical issues, terrible design elements and graphics that are so bad they make Duke Nukem look like a superb title.
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Hasanhastam  +   843d ago
6/10 is fair score. Absolution was idiotic as conviction. Hope they Learn their mistakes and make real hitman not heavinly flawed absolution
rpd123  +   843d ago
I haven't played the game yet, but I seriously doubt it's a 3.5/10.
Pathosverdes3  +   843d ago
Hunting for hits, eh?
luoshuigui  +   843d ago
a disappointment yes, a major setback for the series yes, but a 3 out of 10 is just hits-fishing, hitman 5 should be a 6 to 8 out of 10, i personally give it a 7.
Incipio  +   843d ago
I'm disappointed with a couple things in the game, but 3.5/10?

Come on, the game still has quality and stands on its own two legs and has some longevity (contracts mode).

It's a sequel; as good as blood money? No. Worthy successor? Maybe. Different? Yes. Give it the test of time and see what people are saying about it in couple years.
scott182  +   843d ago
This was a great game, just beat it and loved it. I wished it didn't end. No it wasn't my favorite Hitman, but it was still fantastic.
BLAKHOODe  +   843d ago
It seems the biggest complaint on this game is that it's designed to be EASY for the more modern players. Reviewers (and gamers with an opinion) seems to overlook that there is more than one difficulty setting. Try playing the game on it's hardest difficulty if it's too easy for you.
Breadcrab  +   843d ago
Oh boy... The fun begins.

People, it's just an opinion. ANYTHING can be given a 3.5/10 with enough justification. Just because something exists and you like it does not make it scientifically entitled to at least a 7/10.

Negative reviews also balance out the general consensus and represent people who do not like the game, and believe me, THERE ARE people out there who don't like the game. No game/film/book/whatever is universally loved. That's just how the world works, and if you can't grasp that, it's YOUR fault.

If you like the game, great! Play it and move on.
rocky047586  +   843d ago
Yeah but there's this thing called "objectivity" that comes into play when you're supposed to be a reviewer of games. You have to remain objective in your opinion and stating that a game is a 3/10 when it's not broken, doesn't have any incredibly bad flaws, isn't graphically ugly, has plenty to keep you busy, etc., then your opinion becomes worthless.

This game doesn't deserve a 3/10 no matter how much you didn't like it, a 3/10 reflects not only a "game I didn't like" but it reflects that you think that there are no redeeming qualities about it at all and that it's a complete mess of a game when, objectively speaking, that's far from the truth. Even the people that I know that HATE the game gave it at 6 or 8/10 just because it's a well put together game from an objective standpoint. They don't like it as a Hitman game though which is quite fair and what this person should've done as well.
Breadcrab  +   843d ago
Even seemingly objective things have to go through the subjective filter that is the reviewer.

For example: a game may have a few glitches. How much do those glitches matter? Are they trivial or do they significantly impact the game? Even if it's the exact same glitch for everyone, there's no right way to be affected by it. I could say it totally ruins the immersion, you could say it was easy to overlook.

The same goes for almost every other 'objective' aspect of a game. Why did some people hate Killzone 2's weighty controls and others loved them? Why do some enjoy Metal Gear Solid's long cutscenes while others are bored by them?

If anything, the problem is gamers' narrow viewpoints. They can't comprehend that everyone else is a unique individual who may approach and view certain things very differently than they would.
ExCest  +   843d ago
Ouch. But hey, there are always people on opposite ends. I guess this balances out those 10/10 people who grade too easily and fanatically.
bacrec1  +   843d ago
This is on a GOTY level.
rocky047586  +   843d ago
@Breadcrab, the objectivity comes in at least acknowledging the glitches though. There's going to be subjectivity there because it's your opinion, but you can also be objective about the same exact thing you're giving your opinion on. Acknowledgment of glitches and/or other things that may be a big huge burden on someone else is being objective. Same thing with Killzone 2, if you say "But I don't feel any weight thing that you guys are talking about. You guys are wrong." then yeah, that's totally subjective...

But if you say "I definitely can feel what you're talking about with the weight thing but..." that's being objective in nature. This guy pointed out some things that were valid and fair to point out as flaws in the game, no doubt about that, but at the same time to give the game a 3 because you didn't like those flaws? That's not the right way to do things.

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