The GamesMaster sadly passed away

For those growing up in Europe and old enough to remember, GamesMaster was an absolutely awesome show with cheesy screen effects and crazy kids being dealt gaming challenges in order to get their hands on the coveted golden joystick prize. In the midst of this madness was the GamesMaster, the all-knowing oracle of gaming played by Sir Patrick Moore, who would quip sarcastically at children as they just wanted to know how to get lots of blood in Mortal Kombat.

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richierich1927d ago

I remember watching GamesMaster back in the early 1990s it was great show and was really funny brings back great memories. R.I.P Patrick Moore

1927d ago
MrAnderson1927d ago

Watched him on gamesmaster when I was a kid, R.I.P

TheSaint1927d ago

Same, also sky at night was cool, RIP.

onandonandon1927d ago

Damn I'm stuck on a game too!! RIP

hiredhelp1927d ago

I loved waiting for cheat codes.

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