Eurogamer: GDC: Microsoft Keynote LiveText Tonight

Eurogamer writes:

"Hello and welcome to Eurogamer's LiveText coverage of the Microsoft keynote address at the Game Developers Conference! John Schappert, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Live, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business, is currently delivering his keynote, "A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community". And we're typing it up live. Read!."


Eurogamer seems to be down, here is an alternitive:

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predator3803d ago

hurry up get to the good stuff!!!!!!!!!

decapitator3803d ago

This is like sitting through a boring movie. Get on with the good stuff already..sheesh...

chester3802d ago

ninja gaiden 2 released June 3 in north america. in my books, that's pretty damn good stuff.

MrWonderful3803d ago

can you view this on live?

predator3803d ago

i dont think i can, im from the uk, you might be able to from the usa

wow143803d ago

Right now, there are two new stories on Inside Xbox about GDC

GDC: Too Human Press Reception
Community Confidential for Wed, Feb 20th @ GDC

MrWonderful3803d ago

or any website have live feed? im in the us and cant find it on live

predator3803d ago

"the Halo 3 community is uploading approximately 100,000 pieces of user-generated content every day". That's more than all of the daily uploads on YouTube, apparently - 30 per cent more.

wow thats cool

Mikelarry3803d ago

anyone know when sonys gonna do thiers or if they will be doing any?

TheExecutive3803d ago

No keynote from Sony this year.

DeZimatoR3803d ago

Does anyone know when is Sony delivering their keynote?