A Ray of Light: Game Informer Review's Dynasty Warriors 6

In the March issue of Game Informer, Andrew Reiner applauds Dynasty Warriors 6 for its bold new features, yet held back by the similar design:

"This is the first Dynasty Warriors title created specifically for next-gen consoles, but with a large portion of its design remaining similar to the previous generation's games, it ends up feeling more like an update than a fully featured sequel. Some of the new content falls into the silly and fun category, such as having named horses, but key additions, like the branching skill system, add much-needed depth to the monotonous "wail away on the same button" combat. The Renbu/Chain system also adds a nice reward to combo-heavy killing, allowing players to strategically link together groups of enemies throughout the majority of a level. Do these subtle additions make it the best Dynasty Warriors? Yes. But could it also be classified as more of the same? Most definitely. This is a small step forward, but for a series that hasn't moved an inch over five installments, it's a mind-boggling breakthrough."

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