Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Hands On: A Deeper Cut with Raiden | Polygon

Polygon: "We had a chance to play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in (almost) its entirety at an event held by Konami in Santa Monica, California, coming to grips with Raiden's approach to combat. Rather than focusing on stealth tactics and silent takedowns, Raiden sprints forward into battle with katana in-hand, slicing away bullets and mincing foes with abandon."

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RyuX191297d ago

Man it's gonna be Metal Gear galore in 2013.

jeremyj29131297d ago

Better than Resident Evil galore in 2012.

League_of_Draven1297d ago

Not really. The only Metal Gear game coming out in 2013 (possibly) is Ground Zeroes. Rising isn't a Metal Gear game at all. It's a desperate attempt to cash-in on the name (of course the game will still flop anyway).

RyuX191297d ago

Oh shut up with that mess already. Metal Gear Rising has proven itself to be a Metal Gear game. You are just trolling at this point.

CarlosX3601297d ago

Rising is as good as a Metal Gear game as it gets. Stop trolling.

belac091297d ago

gonna be siiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the demo is badass, god i cant wait!

LordMe1297d ago

Can't wait until the demo comes out on the 13'th!!! (Japanese PSN)