‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ teaser trailer may contain Raikov Easter Egg

The debut trailer for “The Phantom Pain,” which many suspect may actually be a teaser for “Metal Gear Solid 5,” may contain a possible Raikov Easter Egg.

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j-blaze1989d ago

it's may be a game related to metal gear solid in some way but it's not MGS: GZ nor MGS5.
judging by the cutscenes, characters look and design, set pieces, it's very clear that this game is made by a western studio not KP, Kojima himself is probably involved tho

Minato-Namikaze1989d ago

It's not just a river in egypt

Nitrowolf21989d ago

lol I know right. It's clear that this is FOX Engine

calis1988d ago

Why does Fox engine = Metal Gear game?

Surely they can use it for others right?

Batzi1988d ago

So far only Konami published games are going to be using the FOX engine. What other Konami published games look like Metal Gear?

calis1987d ago

I understand that but they can surely great a new IP using that.

silkrevolver1988d ago

You thought this right afterwards... and you're still delusional.


Every single thing points to it.

SovereignSnaKe1988d ago

-Oh my... so wrong, so so wrong, According to the Five Stages, you are currently in Stage 1: Denial, so next comes Anger... I recommend eating a banana and avoiding the internet.

zerocrossing1988d ago

Not sure if troll or just really stupid.

SnotyTheRocket1988d ago

Kojima is the ultimate troll, its an art for him. It's MGS5.

DigitalRaptor1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

LOLOLOLOL! So much for that j-blaze.

Moby Dick Studio's CEO is Joakim Mogren.

Joakim = Kojima (!)

Of course Kojima himself is involved.

blind-reaper1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Official secret photo of Joakim Mogren

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greatcrusader441989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Ok, let's say this is not MGS related, heres the facts:

This is a FOX engine game, no it's ands or buts, only other alternative is someone made an engine with the exact same graphics and lighting the FOX engine brings.

Now Moby Dick studios is using FOX engine, which I believe was made by Kojima and Co. Only other game known to use this engine is project ogre and mgs: gz, and it would seem Kojima let a studio completely unknown with no info about that's based in Sweden. Also the creators name is coincidently Joakim Mogren, first name could be an anagram of Kojima, and last name contains the word Ogre in it. What a crazy coincidence, right?!? Hahaha that's so weird

Now this Moby Dick studios decides that since they're supposed to make a game with this really cool engine that has only been shown in a 10min vid for a MGS game. Now is the perfect time to show the diversity of this engine! So let's make our main character have a mullet, facial scars, and right eye bandage (essentially eyepatch) and have enemies with the same armor and guns as in mgs:gz, also let's put in a guy that looks like Volgin there, because he wasnt in mgs:gz, proving how different these trailers are!

Also a tweet from David hayter about his arm hurting regarding this Phantom Pain trailer leads me to believe he voices the guy. Plus the man who made mgs 2/3 title sequence made phantom pain title screen, which coincidently could have Metal Gear Solid V hidden in it.

Now let's actually think about the gameplay of this game. How are you supposed to play a guy with no weapons and arm go up against hundreds of guys with guns and flaming Blue

Now we can all just agree this mgs related and a Kojima trolling, Or we can think a completely unknown studio gets to make a fox engine game and is completely unoriginal with the assets it uses and a game that while cool in theory has no real way for there to be interesting gameplay if the game is more than 30min long.

Psycho_Mantis1988d ago

Let me introduce, the hook arm. It has two parts, the hook and the arm. :)

greatcrusader441989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

*double post

SnotyTheRocket1988d ago

I'm not denying, but, I don't think any Metal Gear Solid game have ever used roman numerals. I'm still skeptical. I would love a new console MGS.

black9111988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Its MGS5. Because Kojima Was there and there was no mention or new trailer of any of the upcoming Metal Gear Games during the VGA's. The Only Question now is will it stay a PS Exclusive.

LtSkittles1988d ago

Kojima was there because they wanted him to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear.

Heavenly King1988d ago

Metal Gear Solid since the creation of the FOX ENGINE became MULTIPLATFORM.

So just stop making those silly comments.

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