GDC 2008: LostWinds First Look by IGN

Given the boundless thrills IGN saw in their first look at the previously unannounced game LostWinds this week at GDC, the worries about WiiWare look to be mooted. Design studio Frontier Developments (the design studio behind the Thrillville franchise and the upcoming game The Outsider) has crafted a platforming/adventure game that spans 22 areas of play in a 3D-modeled world that is detailed down to the blades of grass in the background that blow as you breeze by. It's impressive in scope for a downloadable title, and better still, it delivers on the promise of original and innovative gameplay only possible with a system like the Nintendo Wii.

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Skerj3657d ago

Wow, is it me or does that look cooler than 90% of commercial Wii games? First Eternity's Child and now this, WiiWare is looking awesome.

Exhaust3657d ago

Where the hell are people going to store these downloadable games on the weak internal memory of the Wii? I've downloaded quite a few virtual console games and the internal memory is starting to get very low...

PS360WII3657d ago

yea for sure. WiiWare is looking like it can get some goodies ^^

Carbon3657d ago

Hey look it's a LBP knockoff!

Intrepid3657d ago

I don't get how this is a knockoff of LBP...

3657d ago
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