OXM US Reviews Dynasty Warriors 6

Casey Lynch of the Official Xbox Magazine writes:

"If there's one thing you know about the faithfully punctual Dynasty Warriors series, it's that each chapter always incorporates you single-handedly overthrowing enemy Chinese rebel states in a Rambo-tastic bid to become the Musou grand-poobah. Dynasty Warriors 6 is no different. But this time, improved graphics complement slightly retooled combat that's now tied to a gauged-ranking system called Renbu. With this new system in place, the damage that you inflict is directly tied to how much you fill up your Renbu meter, and to your rank (which has four levels: 1, 2, 3, and Infinite)."


All that said, the game is still, well, a Dynasty Warriors game, and it's really the exact same game we've been playing for the last decade. Sure, it's prettier, and you can do some different stuff like climb up ladders and dog-paddle through water, but you're still going to have to nurse your arthritic thumbs as you mash your way through thousands of A.I. grunts."


We like the Dynasty Warriors series. We like it a lot. And other longtime fans looking for more of the same will eat this up like so many steamy-fresh pork buns. But its predictable, "Save As from the last version" gameplay left us sad and disappointed."

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