History Repeating: Do we need reboots to franchises?

A current trend in gaming is rebooting franchises. With new Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry games essentially starting again, Reuben asks if we need to press the big reset button.

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prototypeknuckles1831d ago

my only gripe with reboots are if you completly change everything from combat, character design, gameplay to the point where it doesnt even seem like its from the franchise then why reboot, just make a new ip (DmC), i mean i dont really see how its in the franchise especially if its a downgrade, if your going to reboot then make everything better and not take 5 steps back.

the only reboots i played where i was like this is actually cool are
legend of spyro, they were different but they had elements from the original, but at the same time they werent as good.

splatterhouse, okay, it actually had a lot of potential, but combat wise it was executed poorly.

the new tomb raider looks really good, my only gripe is regenerative health and no swimming which for swimming is a TR staple, and regenerative health for a survival game seems to lose the point, but besides that the game is looking amazing.

Kur01831d ago

I'm not trying to be that guy but the new Tomb Raider looks like its trying too hard to be like Uncharted. I never got the comparisons between Uncharted and the old Tomb Raider games because the only things they had in common were guns and crypts which Indiana Jones did before both of them.

kalkano1830d ago

Well said! The only series (that I played) that got a reboot, was the Shining series. And, that was a complete disaster! Mostly, because they:

1) Changed the Shining FORCE gameplay from strategy RPG to action RPG
2) Did not involve the original makers of the series, thus losing it's touch
3) Abandoned the original fan-base, and sought out an entirely new one

So, now we have a bunch of crappy RPGs, that have nothing to do with the Shining series, but still have the Shining name on the label. Disgusting.

showtimefolks1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

reboots are good if done right, if a reboot is the same exact game as past games than its more of a sequel.

people have to understand this game IP's are worth a lot of money, it takes publishers years to build it fanbase with a IP so don't expect them to invest hundreds of millions into a game series only to let it die out

gears of war
mass effect
god of war

all these games may go away for few years but will always come back sometimes via a prequel/sequel or a reboot

WildArmed1830d ago

I agree.
It's like cartoons, we get reboots/parallel worlds all the time.

Batman has had many cartoon offsprings..
And if we looks into comics, each super hero has tons of different takes on them.

End of the day, franchise is not something that should die. A good reboot can always revitalize the franchise, I mean how many of ours are dying for our fav. SNES/NES game franchises to get a reboot in the HD era? We don't want the franchises to die, we just don't want it to become stale (imo)

TemplarDante1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

The new DmC isnt a reboot. Rather, its an imagined future with a grown up COD fan spewing the word f**k every time he opens his mouth to speak. Years of COD babysitting would do that.

Cam9771830d ago

Some fail (RESI), some succeed.

level 3601830d ago

If done well - definitely

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