Does anyone enjoy escort missions? – Reader’s Feature

GameCentral Reader:

Why do developers use escort missions? Most of us have had the experience, while playing the latest release, we boot up the next mission and we are given some lame character that we are forced to escort across a map. All the while the character we have been made to escort will run into every pack of enemies they can find. They are frustrating as hell.

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Fateful_Knight1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Almost as annoying as escort missions are the "defend me while i hack this terminal" routines. Those are usually tied into the escort mission somehow, and usually make me want to pack up the game and sell it to Gamestop.

ATi_Elite1961d ago

F... NO!!

Worst Video Game cliche ever!! I think Devs now a days put them in games just to piss the Gamer off or the Dev has run outta ideas!

Sugreev20011961d ago

The fact that its become this generation's escort mission makes it all the more surprised escort missions still make it in games today,their hatred hasn't exactly been secret.

csreynolds1961d ago

Couldn't agree more.

Moreover, it annoys me that your A.I. escortee often aspires to be the world's greatest bullet catcher - STOP RUNNING INTO ENEMY GUNFIRE, YOU PLANK!!!

Kyosuke_Sanada1961d ago

It depends. Vanquish gave me the most enjoyment I had in an escort mission recently due to a "certain" engineer.....XD

Rampaged Death1961d ago

Defending and escort missions are the worst !

Spacemagic1961d ago

Not when it's called "ICO"

MariaHelFutura1961d ago

Yep. This entire game is an exception for escorting.

brodychet1961d ago

I like em in GTA. Because they're usually silly.

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The story is too old to be commented.