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We're hardly soft touches here at GamesMaster. We spend better parts of the day battering zombies to undeath and/or painting the air blue during a game of FIFA or Halo. But every once in a while comes a game with such powerfully constructed beauty, both in form and in substance, that even our battle-weary hearts thaw.

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wanieldiik1774d ago

After trying the demo, I find this very easy to believe.

Mounce1774d ago

I find it hard to believe due to the amount of whiners I saw in N4G who said they played the demo. All they did was moan about variable things in it.

Though as I know well, Demos just aren't as they used to be and not always Demo-nstrate the best the game has to offer. Like, Uncharted 1's demo was 'meh', yet I still got the game due to hearing it was 'All that' and it simply was. Demo meant nothing.

wanieldiik1774d ago

really? People complained about the demo? I really enjoyed it. At first I was like "this was ok" then I gave it another shot and the more I played the demo, the more I enjoyed it. To each his own I guess.

And yes, I agree on the uncharted demo and that's why you shouldn't judge a game based on its demo.

rezzah1774d ago

I saw ppl who complained about it. Wasn't a huge bunch, but some dropped their pre-orders.

Just saying since you didn't see them.

How did you guys play the demo? Is it out in NA yet?

Kamikaze1351774d ago

Yeah, it's out in NA. I actually didn't like the demo at first, but I tried it again a few days later and loved it.

BanBrother1774d ago

Very excited. I am getting back into the JRPG mood. I only recently started Lost Odyssey and have almost finished it.

In anticipation of Ni Nu Kuni I am playing a lot of older ones.

MariaHelFutura1774d ago

Tales Of Vesperia is a great JRPG aswell for the 360. If you haven't played it, change that.

belac091774d ago

lost odyssey is sooo underrated, that game was amazing!

BanBrother1774d ago


Yup. Was just playing it for 5 hours straight, through the night. Onto the last disc (4). Best 360 game along with Alan Wake IMO.


I have the PS3 Tales of Vesperia, is the 360 version different?

Ranma11774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Am excited.

To be honest. I dont feel like this is the game which will make JRPG's mainstream like FF7 did

SugarSoSweet1774d ago

This is one of the WORST rpg's ive ever played....

Thats the problem with JRPG's they refuse to innovate...Western RPG's like mass effect have innovated JRPG'S are still stuck in the PSX era with just slightly prettier graphics

BanBrother1774d ago

I agree that JRPG's don't really innovate, but they aren't really supposed to. It is a very specific genre, and people will always love playing them.

That being said, how have shooting games innovated since doom? There are still many linear shooters with prettier graphics.

Forza and Gran Turismo have only improved. Unless you want a racing/fps/brawler.

rextraordinaire1774d ago

Sometimes, sticking to your roots is better than trying to innovate at all costs. Take Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, for example... Clearly innovation is not all.

bikar1774d ago

Problem is that Mass effect with his "inovations" has become a shooter with rpg elements

deletingthis346753341774d ago

What is so innovative about Mass Effect? Is it innovative because it is a third person shooter with some light RPG elements? You THINK that is innovative? Who are you, some retarded drunken fratboy?

Irishguy951774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yes and no. Innovation for RPG's seems to decrease story quality and gameplay. Combat and graphics are the improvements, while arguably more important things for an RPG are left behind.(Combat is only one aspect of Gameplay)

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dorron1774d ago

This is the most beautiful RPG I've seen in quite a while. I'm really hyped for it.

Would love a Dragon Quest VIII remake or HD version as well.

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