How a Picnic Shaped the Development of Sports Champions and Its Sequel

Push Square: "Despite the device being on the market for over two years now, few developers have managed to get the same precision out of the PlayStation Move as Zindagi Games. The second-party studio – which is based in the heart of sunny California – describes itself as a motion control specialist, having already shipped three top titles for the peripheral.

"Among the company’s back catalogue is Sports Champions, the very first showpiece title for the PS3’s anticipated motion device. Developed alongside first-party powerhouse Sony San Diego, the game was packaged alongside every new wand in North America, making it the best selling PlayStation Move title to date. It was an opportunity that the developer recalls being both 'scary and exciting'."

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abzdine1989d ago

Sports Champions are both amazing!

BitbyDeath1989d ago

Still wish the 2nd one had frisbee golf.

Cam9771989d ago

I will pick up the sequel in the new year, the original however was fantastic!

BitbyDeath1989d ago

Boxing and Skiing are my favourites.