Top 10: Unrealistic aspects of games (and why we love them)

Kevin of Xboxer360 writes, "Games have a tendency to not be realistic. Who knew?

We’re not here to poke fun; we’re here to celebrate. There are so many aspects of games (and for the majority of this list, films) that are overlooked for one reason or another. We’re here to pick out our favorites.

We’re going to avoid obvious things such as recharging health and knives that are thrown 100 feet, killing instantly. Lets try to look at some aspects of gaming that you may not immediately recognise as being utter rubbish."

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Y_51501931d ago

My personal favorite is that you can roll up stairs!

MrBT1931d ago

ha ha - what game can you do that in?

Dark_Overlord1931d ago

Demon Souls :) Fell off the staircase a few times whilst not paying attention :D

Y_51501931d ago

infamous, Uncharted, Donkey Kong 64. And many more has this! Your character can roll UP the stairs and the character wouldn't be hurt at all. If you are like me who was stupid(in other words, curious) enough to try to roll up stairs as a child you would understand. :P

acheashadow1930d ago

Gears of War lets you roll anywhere you want :)