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Submitted by GamePodunk 1160d ago | opinion piece

3 Reasons Why Cross-Buy Isn't Helping Vita

GP contributing writer Christopher Garcia outlines three reasons why he believes Cross-Play isn't helping the Playstation Vita in the long run. (Culture, PS Vita)

MmaFan-Qc  +   1160d ago
nice blog.

.....and it was approved?Please.
Akuma-  +   1159d ago
cross buy is an amazing thing. the vita has amazing exclusive games but nay sayers wont see it if they are biased .
Riderz1337  +   1159d ago
You played Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on the Vita and PS3? Time machine plz. Also Many games are much better on the Vita even though they were designed specifically for the PS3. All-Stars is a good example of this. I prefer playing it on my Vita than I do with my PS3. I think what you're trying to get at is that there aren't enough Vita games that were specifically designed for Vita, which is completely false seeing as there are tons of games coming out in the near future for the Vita alone.

Edit - Also are you complaining about getting the Vita version for free if you buy the PS3 version? My mind is full of f*ck.
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Williamson  +   1159d ago
Cross buy is awesome! The vita has some great exclusives and great ports, its the mix of them that makes the vita a great system. Sly 4 having cross buy is the reason I'm buying it as for some reason the thought of playing on the vita feels like a great fit.
ziggurcat  +   1159d ago

sdozzo  +   1159d ago
Cross buy is cool for good games which is few and far between. Enough with the memory card bit. Put it on the cloud and cycle games, put them in the PS3 or buy a bigger card like an adult. Can't own nice toys without paying for them.
SonyStyled  +   1159d ago
in a cross buy game with cross save do you gotta have ps plus to use the cloud for cross save or no?
Soldierone  +   1159d ago
Just have the Vita connected to the PS3 via a USB I believe. I don't have any cross save games to try it. It might even be through blue tooth.
zgoldenlionz  +   1159d ago
Im pretty sure when I bought retro city rampage my ps+ membership lapsed aNd the whole cross-save/trophies worked the same. I was able to transfer saves over the Internet. I have plus now so I can't check for you though so hopefully someone else can confirm 100%.
SoundGamer  +   1159d ago
No. You do not need PS+. Each game automatically saves to the cloud, or will have an option in-game for you to save to and sync from the cloud.
Soldierone  +   1159d ago
Geez according to all these articles, literally everything about the Vita is so horrible..... Sony introduces something awesome, well here is why it sucks.

No. It's great because its creating a library for you. When you finally buy the vita, you have all these games sitting there waiting. Better yet its saying "look you can play it on Vita too!" and makes you want it, since its not anymore expensive. It creates a bind, and makes Vita just a peripheral to PS3 which is great.

"Memory cards are expensive" Yeah I know, it sucks. But that doesn't mean you can't just buy another 8GB card and use BOTH. I have a case that will hold 3 memory cards.

It doesn't make it expensive. You could be buying the memory cards AND the games.... but instead you are saving 40 dollars a game.
abc1233  +   1159d ago
errm, isn't it cheaper to just go for a 16GB card rather than 2 8GBs?
Godchild1020  +   1159d ago
There is a 10 dollar difference.

4GB = $19.99
8GB = $34.99
16GB = $59.99
32GB = $99.99

You can often find the 32GB for 79.99 on Amazon.
Soldierone  +   1159d ago
It says he already owns an 8GB and now its full so he is forced to delete games if he wants new ones. I was simply saying, buy another 8GB card.
admiralvic  +   1159d ago
I agree, this person is CLEARLY a moron or just wants to hate because he is "cool".

1) The memory card complaints really need to stop. Yes it sucks that a 32 gb card is $80 (vs $30 for a micro sd), but that 80 (is becoming a common sale price) is a SMALL price to pay when you can easily get all these cross-buy titles, PS plus titles, demos / DLC, PSP, PS1 or whatever at your convince.
Also the sizes are not all that insane, I got 16 Vita games (Blazblue and Uncharted are practically 7 gb) + some DLC like both WipEout packs (around 2 gb) and I am only using a mere 19 gb of data...I still have 10 gb of data to use on future purchases.
2) Cross-Buy helps Vita gamers...BY EXPANDING THE USER BASE. If someone is a number of free Vita games (Plus, Cross-buy, etc), then they're more likely to purchase a Vita and that results in MORE people playing on the Vita and developers putting more faith in the system.

3) Most new systems get a lot of ports / poorly developed games, since the cash isn't there. You can apply the same logic to the Wii U, since the bulk of the "Core" titles are merely ports of other console titles and Zombi U / Mario. The simple fact is, you can't claim your own stupidity as a reason for a program being flawed. The Vita has...

Gravity Daze
Soul Sac
WipEout 2048
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Littlebigplanet PS Vita
Zero Escape (though that appears on the 3DS... but still relevant)
Ragnarok Odyssey

These are all games that stand out WAY more than Sound Shapes or Retro City... though I guess we're going to focus on a select few and hope it forms a logical point... Ideally the next hate article will at least have a better stance, since this is just pathetic.
Janitor  +   1159d ago
Spin it however you want man, but $80 for 32gb of storage is straight up bullish*t. I bought a 2tb portable hdd for $80 last month. Saying that the "free" stuff you put on it justifies the price is probably one of the dumbest fanboy arguments I've seen here, and that's saying something.
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admiralvic  +   1159d ago
@ Janitor

I am not saying it justifies it, because it is high, but I was saying you can RATIONALIZE it as such.
Godchild1020  +   1159d ago
@Jaintor, You can't compare the 2. Both are built with different technology and one has been out longer than the other.

It's the same thing with Solid State Hard Drives, they came out later and cost more compared to Regular Hard Drives.

Micro SD cards cost more when you add in the Read/Write speed. Some memory cards state the read/write speed on them while others have a C and a number on them.
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kB0  +   1159d ago

Don't be stupid, in terms of Gig for Gig you have an argument, but your looking at it as an equal trade which its not.

The smaller the device the more expensive it is usually, and you CANNOT compare a memory stick with a hard drive because the 32 GIG Vita is the size of a nail, while the portable hard drive is the size of a palm.

You can compare it to a micro SD though, and say its anywhere from twice to 3 times more expensive, could say this.

Don't be stupid and compare it to a portable or any type of HDD.

Thats like comparing a cell phone cpu with a pc CPU, it makes no sense.


It's easy to hate a device, and whats funny is noone is appreciating what they get with a system. Cross-buy shouldn't sell consoles, it should make users that are loyal to have both Sony products happy.

For once a company is being decent, and it gets commented out.

Your basically putting down a system based on features that dont help you but help others that own both systems save cash.

It's like going to a coffee shop and complaining when you get an extra cup of coffee free...

Stupid article is stupid.
abc1233  +   1159d ago
For reason 1: The savings you make over the long-term with PSN+ and cross-buy should easily outweigh the increased costs of the memory cards

Reason 2: they do actually benefit the vita-only owners. They can get the PS3 version, download it onto their vita (using a friends PS3 or something) then sell the PS3 copy, effectively making the Vita version much cheaper than other games.

Reason 3: True, it doesn't help the Vita's identity but until it gets the support base then developers won't be interested in making vita-exclusive titles, cross-buy is helping establish this support base. More and more PS3 owners are getting Vitas thanks to this, fair enough there aren't that many vita-only owners but they'll come once the vita-exclusive games start coming out.
strigoi814  +   1159d ago
sony is offering us free games of vita from a ps3 purchase..whats the problem with that?? you complain vita has no games and then you want cross play
you where given both ideas "this is it" so you still not happy?? Oh My GOD!!! wth??
Edward75  +   1159d ago
These are all valid points, FOR THE MAINSTREAM PEOPLE THAT NEED TO BUY IT FOR IT TO BE SUCCESSFUL. These points are less valid for the hardcore, but still hold some merit. A mother looking to buy a system for her 10- teen child will definitely be turned off once finding out about the memory card. And for sure wont care at all about cross platform play.

And as far as people I know who still have a Vita, only 1 person doesn't have a PS3. Reach outside of just the PS3 crowd. You can't limit yourself to just that crowd.
Hicken  +   1159d ago

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