I Chose A Facebook Game Over Far Cry 3


You know how people ask where you were when something important happened? Usually it’s for really huge things — a big baseball game, an assassination, a presidential election. They tend to be generation-defining things, stuff that permeates our cultural consciousness.

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OneAboveAll2024d ago

Oh look, written by a woman. No wonder. I just saved you all from having to read this crap.

Morgan_Freeman2024d ago

Better watch out, theres that one feminist retard on here that will say anythings sexist. i forget her name but she said GOW: Ascensions multiplayer was sexist for not having females.

Pozzle2024d ago

Oh look, written by Kotaku writer*. No wonder. I just saved you all from having to read this crap.


Muffins12232023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

the written by a woman part is just the icing for this shitty cake....

Mounce2023d ago

Combining 'Feminist female writer' and KOTAKU....

Everyone knows shit is going to hit the fan. Is it Kotaku's master-troll plan? Use a womans internet-like infamy and status to cause trouble by her casual-like opinion?

Or simply, does she REALLY need to get back to the kitchen? A facebook game over Farcry 3?

I know....Yea....tastes can differ, people may not have interest in games like Farcry 3.....but, to me it's like if you're eating a meal. One meal is eating a tumor, the other is eating a steak. Yes, I'm going with the steak....Facebook games AREN'T STEAK!!! She's like.... a vegetarian of 'Gaming', eat the non-meaty games, eating the hollow, crunchy, rabbit-food games.

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Oldman1002024d ago




Thatguy-3102024d ago

They have been complaining about this game ever since it got release. IMO its the best FPS this year.

MmaFan-Qc2024d ago

So over the last week or so we have had from games 'journalists' on Kotaku:

An article about a tramp who was having an affair but said that her husband letting her die in Diablo was a sign that the marriage was over.
An article comparing different front covers of games and whether the character in the artwork has their index finger on the trigger of their gun. Wow how fascinating.
And now this....

Honestly, ALL the "articles" coming from Kotaku should be rejected at first sight.

GreenRanger2024d ago

This is basically a review of The Friend Game, with a crazy title to draw in the crazies.
It worked, i read it.

sonicsidewinder2024d ago

Then I shall not read such tripe.

I thank you, o' emerald one.

XXXL2024d ago

After reading this crap I feel like drinking a gallon of bleach

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The story is too old to be commented.