Civilization Revolution release dates confirmed, new screens

TVGB writes: "The release dates for Sid Meier's latest, Civilization Revolution, have been been confirmed today. The world-sim will see daylight in North America on June 3, and June 6 in Europe."

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Bebedora3778d ago

It will be better on the xbox, I tell you! <jk>

Mr_cheese3777d ago

dude quiting spamming and stop being a fanboy.. god get a life

Mr_cheese3777d ago

this looks like a good game, downloaded the trailer of the psn looks awesome!

Tempist3777d ago

I'm hesitant that this will be a great Civ game. Don't get me wrong, Civ games are for the most part great and always self-improving, but I haven't found much different from this Civ and Civ IV.

Good to know it's for consoles only, but I don't seeing it playing as well as the PC versions have. That and if they don't have Leonard Nimoy narrating again, I call it bust!

Proxy3777d ago

The different powers each Civ has sound really dynamic. It will be different from IV in that respect.

Columbo3777d ago

Great find! I'm glad they finally announced a date. I've been looking forward to this game forever, and I hope the multiplayer comes out good.