Playstation Omni will be a major time for gaming to mature

Protagonists in the gaming industry seem to be a bit similar and redundant, but with the creative opportunity and new round of consoles coming, could next year be the time when the industry begins to be a bit more inclusive?

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wishingW3L1994d ago

tittle makes no sense. They aren't even talking about the PS4 or next gen. Is just the director of the TR reboot saying that the industry still has much more to grow.

TheModernKamikaze1994d ago

I'm sorry for being slow, but what is Omni?

Cstanner171994d ago

The Playstation's codename for its next gen console.

DyingVendetta1994d ago

im sorry if i am incorrect but wasnt it Orbis? or have Sony changed the code name?

THEDON82z11993d ago

The code name is "Orbis" ,the rumored official name is "Omni".To me both names suck just call it PS4 and let the good times roll(lol).