GDC 2008: Too Human Preview by Tom's Hardware

Tom's Hardware writes:

"The last time Silicon Knights showed off its forthcoming science fiction epic Too Human, the results were less than spectacular. The Canadian game developer's showing at E3 2006 was marred by technical issues with the game, which were later attributed to Epic's Unreal Engine 3 (Silicon Knights is currently suing Epic over issues with the engine). The game got postponed to 2008, and many wondered about the future of Silicon Knights' newest title - as well as the company itself.

Silicon Knights put those fears to rest by returning to GDC this year with another version of Too Human. At a special preview event for the game hosted by Microsoft and Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack, members of the press were treated to a lengthy tour of Too Human, from early cut scenes that set up the epic story to a variety of combat and RPG gameplay. So after the disappointing preview nearly two years ago, how does Too Human look now?"

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Wotbot3802d ago

game is looking like a perfect 360 exclusive title.

Can not wait.

wageslave3802d ago

"Metal Gear Solid reboot Twin Snakes"

Watch the PS3diots run in and tell us how terrible Silicon Knights is and how we shouldnt think that Too Human could possibly be any good.

goldenxbox3802d ago

WOW silicon knights, you have done the impossible
you have pulled off a game so enticing it make me want to buy a 360 all over again if I didn't already have one !!!!!

the last time I felt like that was when mass effect came out !!

360 is back on a roll this year, ps3 is in for some major shake-ups !!!