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Larry Ragland from DJ Podcasts writes "As you can tell by the Spike Videogame Awards show it’s around that time to pick game of the year time again. But as I was contemplating who would receive my coveted vote for GOTY I realized that there were a lot of games this generation of consoles that I think deserve sequels but never got them. I have selected five that I’d love to see get quality sequels, which ones are on your list?"

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j-blaze1959d ago

i'll add 2 more: Resonance of Fate and Shadows of the Damned, fantastic games, both need a sequel so bad!

-Superman-1959d ago

Mirror Edge 2 for sure!
I want to see more open world, more bright white colors, and same gameplay.
I dident like ship map, or where had night, dark, and tight.
Opening was awesome.

t0mmyb0y1959d ago

I'm confused while reading your comment.

Cam9771959d ago

The Saboteur is a game that unfortunately won't see a sequel unless a developer buys the rights to the series.

persona4chie1959d ago

ooooo i agree i would LOVE a Resonance of Fate 2

dirthurts1959d ago

Am I the only one who wants a Kameo sequel? I really enjoyed that game for it's originally and creativity.

humbleopinion1959d ago

Logged in today just to agree with you :)

dirthurts1959d ago

Thank you sir :)
It's a great game. I kind of want to go back and replay it.
I hear there was a sequel but it was later scrapped for whatever reason. :/

prototypeknuckles1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

prince of persia 2008 , all they need to do is tweak the combat and allow death kind of like they did with assassins creed, because pop08 is a full PoP game it just suffered from no death mechanic, and one on one battles, everything else was amazing.

folklore 2 (may never happen)
vanquish 2
mirrors edge 2
splatterhous 2 (with a better execution this reboot series can be very good)
beyond good and evil 2(when is this coming out)

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