Kotaku's Worst Guesses for Microsoft's GDC Keynote

You may have read Kotaku's best guesses about what they expect to see and hear at today's Game Developers Conference keynote from Microsoft VP John Schappert. If not, it's a good read. But it's also a pretty safe one. So why not throw out some wild and potentially wildly embarrassing predictions about what might show up on a PowerPoint slide today? Given that GDC is less about busting out new hardware and more about getting giddy on news of SDKs and optimization libraries, this is a list of long shots.

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Tempist3653d ago

but speculation is a very fun thing indeed.

JohnRico3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I think they are just bored & like everyone else waiting for the good stuff. If there is any good stuff

wageslave3653d ago

Kotaku is just an anti-MS troll.

Arent they *attending* the GDC or are they just spinning all the news as anti-MS as they can like usual.

Kotaku is the worst "game site" on the net.