Official Nintendo Magazine review scores – Christmas 2012

Take a look at the latest review scores from the Official Nintendo Magazine.

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MasterChief36241871d ago

Official Nintendo Magazine? Did they rebrand Nintendo Power rather than abandon it?

RuperttheBear1871d ago

Well I don't know much about Nintendo Power, but I know ONM has been going for years.

Chrono1871d ago

This is the UK equivalent of Nintendo Power.

Deku-Johnny1871d ago

Actually Nintendo Power was published by Future which is an English publisher.

Chrono1871d ago

@Deku-Johnny Future also publishes the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK.

MasterChief36241871d ago

Ah, well thank you all for the help! I was unaware of its existence, apparently haha. Seeing as it's a UK magazine, perhaps that is the reason why :)

Thanks! :D

Jadedz1871d ago

It's pretty good, I'd recommend it.

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