PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - The Roster Problem

Video game crossovers are not easy. The blending of various franchises, that mean more or less to different people, is a recipe that can easily go wrong. Too much of one ingredient and it's overly skewed, too little of another and it lacks flavour. Don’t include another and it's almost not worth playing, at least from a nostalgic indulgence perspective.

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smashcrashbash1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Okay for the last time I will say it and I won't say it again. Sony and Superbot have no control over what the people who own the IPs want to contribute .It is not like Nintendo who owns all the characters or Capcom who just has to talk to Marvel and add in their own characters. I counted the amount of developers that Sony had to talk to to get IPs and it was at least 15 plus. It's not the same.All people who did cross overs or similar games only had to negotiate with one or two companies. Sony and Superbot have to negotiate with several companies all with schedules,their own ideas and compromises about what they have to add to the game .I swear I don't know how many times it has to be said that Superbot is basically begging everyone for something to add. They can't pick and choose and hope that maybe they will get the hand outs they want. the people that offer characters don't have to give them anything for any reason. If they ask Kojima for Snake and he offers Raiden it is really stupid for you to decrease the roster because you didn't get Snake or to walk away from those who are offering you things in hopes that someone else will give you a hand out. I don't understand the fanboy mind.You act as if everyone will just be all sweet and nice about it and hand you their preciou. IPs with a big smile and a wave

That is a really stupid way to think. You are working with a deadline, need as many character as you can get and you tell the willing people 'No thanks I am waiting for Activision to give me Crash and Spyro. It may never happen but you can keep your characters'. So if Crash and Spyro never come what do you do then, keep delaying the game until they decide maybe 10 years later to give you a break? I mean can't anyone see how stupid that is? How long are you going to wait for the characters that you want? How long are you going to negotiate with people that have nothing to lose if they give you nothing? I mean for a fanboy that sound reasonable but for anyone else that is stupidity itself.How is it no one made such a big fuss about Snake and Sonic who are not Nintendo characters and yet Nintendo displaying them like if they were and the fact that Nintendo scrapped the barrel with outdated characters and a peripheral plus clones and several character from the same game without even using people like Simon Belmont, Firebrand, Maximo or Mega Man and yet not as many articles as now with people crying and b***hing about Dante and Big Daddy? Just play the game and shut the hell up.

Jinkies1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Then why develop the game when they knew they couldn't get the characters at the time, they should of just waited untill most of the characters people wanted become availble. It's one of the most important things about a game like this...the characters, I can assure you that if this game had classic Dante, Crash, Spyro, Tombi, Gabe Logan, Cloud, Squall, Lara Croft then it would be selling even more then it is now.

As I've said many times, we don't know how much of a fight Superbot put up to get them. Your b******g about people going on about characters yet you don't know yourself what they went through, what if having Dante for example worked out better for benefited them rather then us. You try and make out like we don't know what went on when you don't either....nobody does.

You make it seem that they had no choice with third party characters, they have a ton of first party characters. I'd rather have an unknown first party character then the New Dante or Big Daddy, hell I would of even wanted Kat and Logan the DLC coming out then those two. Even a secondary character from a first party franchise already in the game like Sully or Kai from Heavenly Sword would of been better.

Then you have the situation with Old Snake, despite Komani/Kojima having a good relationship with Sony are you really telling me they wouldn't let him in the game....BULLCRAP. It's one thing not having Snake but to have Rising Raiden in INSTEAD of Snake, thats just a slap to the face to be honest
Look at Crash, Omar teased and teased us for months, even up to the last month before launch that Crash might be in the game and yet nothing. If he knew theres no chance he wasn't going to be in it why didn't he just say.

As I've said above, if they waited to get better character or used more firstg party characters then the whole character problem wouldn't actually be a problem.

Seriously it's rant after ranr with you on the characters, unlike you most people have been wanting a game like this for years, screaming for the great characters to be in this, can't you see why people are a little upset over the characters.

Riderz13371690d ago

Dude Kat is FREE DLC. Also Logan? Really? That's Emmetts brother and Emmett is the one coming out in the DLC. Stop complaining, it's obvious Superbot put a lot of hard work into this game and even by offering free DLC you people still have to find something to whine about and saying that they should have been included day 1. My god you can NEVER please people. EVEN WHEN IT'S FREE! WTF?!

Hicken1690d ago

Sorry, but smash is on point here. Capcom had issues getting a few characters from Marvel... and that was just ONE outside source. Do you honestly think it'd be easier when you've got DOZENS of places to get permission?

Yeah, let's wait on all those characters- and wait on the characters and VERSIONS of characters we WANT, not just what the license owner is willing to GIVE- until the game comes out. We'll definitely get the game out before 2020.

admiralvic1690d ago

-deep sigh-

For starters, Capcom is like Superbot... they needed the rights to use certain characters, which is why the Monster Hunter wasn't in Marvel vs Capcom.


Seth Killian (the same guy who helped with All-Stars...) "You don’t just have to have the idea to have the character. You also have to get permission from the producer of that series to include the character and however they are implemented. They thought it wasn’t a good fit for the game and maybe they’re right. The hunter is sort of a malleable personality, rather than a super strong character in Monster Hunter since he’s so customizable. "

As far as the rest of your statement, I don't see WHY you think people can't complain about the roster. Sure Superbot shouldn't get much of the blame (we don't know who or how hard they tried, so I wound't say they deserve none of the blame), though these posts aren't about Superbots poor choices, but their dissatisfaction with the cast. It's stupid to think that in THEORY Superbot tried to get someone from Final Fantasy, Tomba, Lora Croft or whomever else you wanted, which in turn makes them immune to any complaint whats so ever...

The simple truth is that we have NO CLUE how much effort Superbot applied to getting certain characters or even if they had meetings for them. For all we know Capcom offered them New Dante right off the bat and they took it. Considering they had Seth Killian working on this project, you would think they could get the classic look if nothing else... Sure I know, "thats IS Dante now", but that didn't stop Project X Zone (released a month prior to All-Stars) from using his classic look....

smashcrashbash1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Oh please. So they must scrap a whole game because they weren't able to negotiate some characters from the beginning? That is fanboy thinking. So I must hold off all my ideas, the whole project, all the short and long term plans that Superbot and Sony had just because they could include everyone you thought they should have added in? People had lists a mile long with at least fifty characters that they should have added in maybe they should have waited for those too, right? They should have waited as many years as it took to talk to about fifty or sixty developers until they made the game with every character in the PlayStation universe.Of course as a deluded fanboy that sounds like the perfect solution.Unfortunately in reality it is not that simple. IP holders will not just give up their property because you come knocking at their door.Oh yeah it is a much better idea to drop the whole game then to make it then look for the hardest to get characters. So if Activision never gives you Crash or Spyro or Square decides that giving them Cloud and Squall isn't worth their time or you can't assemble everyone in your list you wait another few years while you spend more resources pounding on the stubborn developers hoping they will crack.

If it were that simple then Nintendo wouldn't be scrapping the bottom of the gaming barrel with clones,several characters from a single game, a failed peripheral, characters that are Nintendo and a bunch of outdated characters that most people don't remember.They would have had Simon Belmont and Mega Man who are much more well known and I am sure Capcom would have given them Mega Man if they asked. So why didn't they ask or try? Because it is damn hard to negotiate with all these people.Who says that they will just hand over Snake to Superbot because you think they they will do it in a heart beat. Why should they give them Snake? What obligation do they have to give him up? What will they lose of they don't? They have nothing to lose, NOTHING. So why should they be nice and give them Snake? I see no reason for any developer to give Sony anything for any reason and they hold all the cards.What cards do Superbot and Sony have over the owners of an IP? None. So you keep thinking business works like an ice-cream shop and you can just walk in and ask for any flavor you want and you will get it all nice and neat. Many developers owe Sony so much for allowing their games on to their system and that didn't stop them from turning two faced and running off and jumping ship.Many developers owe their fame to games on the PlayStation and they had no problem jumping to Microsoft and giving thenm exclusive DLC and first dibs and all that crap.

And please stop with the slap in the face crap. Nintendo did tons of garbage with SSB that I might consider a slap in my face and they left out lots of characters that were better then most of the rubbish characters they padded the game with but I don't constantly b***h about it like many people are doing with this game.They didn't even make the effort. Superbot went out and got twenty unique characters from multiple developers something no one else who did this type of game ever did and we are still going to get more.They could have easily just added more then one character from a single game like Nintendo did but they didn't.They could have easily just said 'Okay Sly, Bentley, Carmelita, Murray,Neutral Cole, Vampire Cole,Ashelin Unjammy Lammy,Hakha,Jan Templar,Azimith,Clunk etc.but instead of taking the easy way out they opted to got to several different people and asked them for characters. Capcom and Nintendo and everyone else didn't even bother to try. Nintendo just added two measly characters that aren't even Nintendo while Capcom scrapped together everyone they could find even Pheniox Wright who isn't even a fighter in anyway.

Williamson1690d ago

Im pretty sure that Superbot will add more characters through dlc. Sure it would of have been better if they were in the game from the start, but hey its free for two weeks and also shows they care about pleasing the fans.

Riderz13371690d ago

People complaining about certain characters not being in the game is seriously getting extremely annoying. Sony obviously knows you want such and such character but they can't just put that character into the game without being given permission from the IP holder. We all know how Activision is so cut the crap with you wanting Crash and Spyro in the game. If Sony can get Crash and Spyro I'm willing to bet my entire life savings that I will have collected from now until the day I die that they will put them in the game.

miyamoto1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

the roster is NOT the problem. infact it is naturally proper given the concept.

its the 2D game play premise ( that should have been full 3D like God of War: Ascension or Power Stone 2 or Dissidia FF franchise) play that limited the game's rightful potential.
majority of.the characters are made and played in 3D save Parrapa.

imagine being in a nostalgic 1:1 replica of GOW titan or Uncharted 2's train level where you control these characters almost their original moves with some adjustments.or Sweet Tooth really driving a van
or how about Radec having the option to do real FPSfighting.

imagine full interactive fighting levels set pieces only possible in full 3D environments faithful the original level designs

its like being in a whole different game level

PSASBR should have been 3D

i hope Superbot learns from Sony Santa Monica.

just my honest pinion

ginsunuva1690d ago

Just place every character with their regular controls and animations in a game. It would be cool, but I can imagine problems with engine rendering and balance.

miyamoto1689d ago

well it can be the same customized and tweaked move sets from PSASBR for each character just in 3D ala GOW Ascension

Nicaragua1690d ago

2d games are better than 3d fighting games - simples

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