‘Dark Souls 2’ pre-order now available; website contains ‘Dark Souls’ Easter Egg

Amazon has revealed the pre-order page for upcoming multiplatform title, “Dark Souls 2.” The official website from the sequel also contains an Easter Egg from the first game.

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Cam9771959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

YEEESSS! 2013 it is then.

sdozzo1959d ago

The preorder page says 2013 which means nothing. But, you hope they didn't show a trailer for something over a year away. That would suck.

Summons751959d ago


Last of us was announced at last years VGAs and it not coming out till next year... But next year fits the two year release for the souls games so its possible late next year.

Mounce1959d ago


You're comparing 2 different developers....2 different publishers... Last of Us via Naughty Dog and their perfectionism and engine differs from From Software and then Bandai or Atlus completely.

Here's better examples...

First Demon's Souls trailer was around late 2008 to 01/01/2009 max, the game was released February 2009...(Japan only as this was before it was known if it'd be popular or not in North America, we don't have this issue now that publishers are all over it) - Difference of around 2-4 months after unveilment.

Dark Souls first trailer was shown around 02/02/2011 and Dark Souls was released in September of the same year in Japan, October for the rest of the world. - Difference of 7-8 months after unveilment.

So, don't compare Last of us to the Souls' games in terms of time cycle and launch.

StrawberryDiesel4201959d ago

I'm willing to bet it's a holiday 2013 release. Probably sometime in October 2013.

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Hellsvacancy1958d ago

Im going to until a month or two before it releases until I decide if im going to buy it or rent it, so far what ive read about DS2 isnt very appealing

v1c1ous1958d ago

what have you read exactly?

TriangleOffense1958d ago has it slated for march of 2013 which I doubt is true but you never know