Destructoid - Impressions: Trine 2: Director's Cut on the Wii U

Destructoid - When Trine 2 was initially released, I was excited to check it out on Xbox Live Arcade as I had heard many good things about the first one and its open-ended, puzzle-platformer gameplay. Unfortunately, as much I was entranced by the beautiful graphics and character-swapping mechanic, I quickly learned that the console versions were really not the way to go -- the floaty physics and the need to manipulate objects in the environment made for a very frustrating time.

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YoungPlex1832d ago

This game is stunning on every console but relly something special on Wii U.

Nevers0ft1831d ago

Awesome game... I'm currently stuck on the final (I think) "boss" - I won't post spoilers but suffice to say, I'm getting my ass kicked :)

metroid321830d ago

Yep the graphics are king on wiiu this is Nextgen graphics at native 720p wow.