Xbox 360 Screws Up At GDC Part II

Kotaku writes: "We all had a hearty chuckle at Microsoft's red ringing Xbox 360 in the XNA demo area. But while I was checking out the XNA finalists yesterday, I never expected to see another screwed up console in the same locale..."

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3681d ago

whys that?

2 screwed up in my house.

meepmoopmeep3681d ago

oh come on! 2 broken GDC 360's? chances of that are.. 16%??? lmao.. sure, sure


will correct the rrod problem . LOL

Fat Bastard3680d ago

Harry Potter knows how Microcrap is an expert at failure. He asks you to think of all that Microcrap has failed at. Harry Potter didn't think it was possible for the mudbloods at Microcrap to fail so badly, and thinks perhaps Lord Voldemort may have a hand. He knows Sony excels in the video game market and can prove it through the amazing Playstation 3 console, which is not only much more sexy than what Microcrap has to offer but also has much more power and much better games. Harry Potter knows Sony would never manufacture anything with problems like the red ring of death.

Avada Kedavra!

Lew_Ijgee3681d ago

1. Place face in hands.
2. Shake head.

marinelife93681d ago

How long is the warranty on the disk reading errors?

mikeslemonade3681d ago

MS has not extended the DRE warranty. It's one year still.

solidt123681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I"ve seen that screen before. In the middle of an online match playing Rainbow Six Vegas and Gears of War. No scratches on disc either. First week of ownership also in December 06. And it is still happening.

gaffyh3681d ago

Warranty is only one year, this is exactly the same thing thaat was happening to my 360, I sent it to MS telling them that the drive is faulty and they said they will fix it. When I got it back (after about 10 days) it came with a sheet saying they had replaced the motherboard...

Lifendz3680d ago

C'mon, even if you own a 360 you gotta laugh.

Pain3680d ago

Cant say beter again.

KillaManiac3680d ago

The real question what are 360 owners gunna do when their 3 year warranty runs up and it you fix for 90$ and it RRODs agian >.>

If this RROD problem didnt exist I guarantee I would have a 360 atm (im holding out for this problem to be fixed..if it ever will be).

Stubacca3680d ago

I doubt they'll ever fully fix the issue.

I think that with the USA's recent economic troubles that consumers will be more conscious of faulty products. They'll respond by not re-purchasing the console after the warranty and system expires or by not buying Microsoft's next rushed console.

-Love that Joker.

Winter47th3680d ago

Just another day in the office.

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sonarus3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

hahaha thats pretty funny. Thats f'in incredible. They are still pretty lucky it didnt happen during a presentation i can bet they are crossing their fingers on that over there lol. Funny thing is if wii or ps3 malfunctioned no one would care cus it will jst be an unlucky console but msoft has built themselves quite the reputation on these defective consoles. Poor guys. And for the guy reporting bad xbox360 news is still news. If another console breaks we have to report it maybe msoft extend their warranty to all 360 owners and not jst red ringers.

BenzMoney3681d ago

"If another console breaks we have to report it."

If that's the case, why don't you write up a story on how my 360 broke. That's right, I sent it in last night for repair/replacement. Make a story! Another console broke, so that should be news too, right?

**BREAKING NEWS: Another Xbox 360 got the RRoD!!! OMG! LoLZoRZ!!11eleven!11!**

Give me a break.

LastDance3681d ago

was it set up in a microsoft display booth?

sonarus3681d ago

Don't be stupid benz money. If msoft consoles are breaking down ones they setup themselves for display are breaking down then they must be reported. Msoft has to have 1000's of consoles at their disposal for something like this and the random selection that made it to GDC breaks down that says a lot about the 360 failure rate. Voice the issue out dnt sweep it under the rug so msoft can give us warranties ggeez

PoeBoy3681d ago

BenzMoney is just mad cause his console broke...

Is the "11eleven!11" (11/11/2011) the date they said your console may be fixed?

BenzMoney3680d ago

Of course I'm mad that my console broke. This isn't even the first time - its the second!

My original comment had nothing to do with my broken xbox, I was using it as an example. Or are you too dense to understand that concept?

My point was/is that every single 360 failure is not news. We all already know that the 360 has hardware issues. ITS A KNOWN FACT. Why some people still seem to think that every single peice of failing 360 hardware is "news" is beyond me. It's not news! It was news 2 years ago. I could probably do a search of N4G and find over 500 'news' articles about faulty 360 hardware.

dantesparda3680d ago

BenzMonkey, if there was a story of every 360 broken, then there would literary be millions and millions of storys of it. Cuz i believe ALL 360s will break down! ALL OF THEM!!! And 2.)Stop sounding like such a whiny little fanboy, cuz that's what you sound like.
And 3.) Keep defending this fanboys, keep trying to deny it, so that it'll keep happening and youse will get exactly what youse deserve. And this is coming from a day one 360 owner, check my gamertag.

BenzMoney3680d ago

1) It's BenzMONEY (without a 'k'). Trying finishing high school english to get your spelling down, and work on that reading comprehension while you're at it.

My point is EXACTLY what you're alluding to in your post. If there was an article on every defective 360 console, there'd be millions of them! Sometimes that's exactly what it feels like on this site. I swear we can't go a day without at least one or two "defective 360" articles popping up.

Good, great, we get it. The 360 breaks down - a *lot*. It isn't news anymore.

2) How am I a fanboy and/or defending Microsoft? I'm the first to admit that the hardware breaks down and somehow I'm defending them and acting like a fanboy?! Christ you're dense.

3) Everyone knows the 360 is unreliable hardware. The only people who still consider that "news" are Sony fanboys looking to troll. FACT.

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Rikitatsu3681d ago

i can't Express myself in words

nicholascage243680d ago

MS doesnt have a stellar lineup compared to SONY this year and shoratges and RROD are just killing the console. It is in a very bad shape now

Anego Montoya FTMFW3681d ago

your killing yourself.

watch a malfunction happen during their press conference.