Lara Shows Off Her Combat Skills In New Tomb Raider Trailer

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released a new trailer for their upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, which they premiered at the Video Game Awards yesterday. The trailer shows Lara taking out enemies in different kinds of combat situations with her bow and other tools. Take a look at it below:

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Jinkies2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Over GTA5 and The Last of Us.....yeah, I'm sure it's going to be GOTY alright.

It hardly looks like a Tomb Raider game anyway, dosen't mean I don't think it will be good but I mean if you going to reboot something or make a sequel in some franchises cases at least stay true to it's roots.

The fact that it's supposed to be about survival and then they add in regenerating health instead of the classic medikits is depressing enough.

Lord_Sloth2117d ago

Nah. Looks fun to be sure but not GotY. Especially not with Dark Souls 2, Last of Us, and whatever else is coming out next year. Personally I'm looking forward to February the most right now.

Bolts2117d ago

I don't see GOTY in this at all.

hiredhelp2117d ago

True there Jinkies Forgot GTA, but what i should said was this game looks to be a good contender for GOTY

dafegamer2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

hardly, some previews even say its not quite uncharted level in quality

MysticStrummer2116d ago

If you're saying that some fringe website might name Tomb Raider GotY just to be different, then I suppose it's possible, but there's no chance it gets that award from any of the main sites and magazines.

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betan212117d ago

cant wait my fav female bad ass of all times

strigoi8142117d ago

all i see is uncharted similar cutscenes on that trailer...well hopefully this play different..not as close as the real tomb raider i loved and enjoy...

ATi_Elite2117d ago

Yeh I'm watching this trailer and the whole time i'm thinking "Square Enix turned Tomb Raider into Uncharted"!

Uncharted is a good game but the exploration and puzzle solving of Tomb Raider is what made T.R. Cool!

dorron2117d ago

Looks great but doesn't seem to be a Tomb Raider game anymore. More like that it is a bad thing though.

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