Microsoft set to announce 360 price drop at GDC?

With the Microsoft key-note due within mere hours - can we also expect to see cheaper 360's within the same time frame?

That's become more of a possibility over recent days, but today that rumour has acquired a little more substance. It was widely expected that we'd see a drop in RRP of some sort during the early months of 2008 - keeping in mind there were no announcements pre-festive period and with PS3 gathering momentum, now would seem like the perfect time to strike a blow.

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Mr PS33833d ago

And give away a free Hd Dvd add on with it and all the HD films that are out and 5 games and a free year on xbox dead(live)
I'd still tell them to Kiss my ass right in the middle !!!

thepriest3833d ago

You know, your comment would be a lot more effective, if you actually knew how to use a comma correctly ?

This is a good move, if they actually go with it.

3833d ago
Bleem3603833d ago

...and you still got two bubbles?

wave bye bye


i still wont get it , probably cost more to ship it back and forth cause of the hardware problems (unless they have a deal with ups i considered )

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Mr Pumblechook3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Playstation 3 gets an advantage with the Blu-ray press, Microsoft aim to stop it.
But this is the same mistake they made with the Xbox 1. Making it too cheap makes consumers think it has less value. Befor Microsoft stopped production of the Xbox 1 you could buy in the shops with 2 games and 2 controllers for £50 quid! little more than the price of a PS2 game.

Dropping the price too fast makes the wider public think that Xbox are have a closing down sale.

thepriest3833d ago

This is too true. Phuh...

games4fun3833d ago

gears 2 comes out with dedicated servers ill buy the "closing down sale" 360 to add to my ps3 who knows maybe they will have rrod fixed by then

mikeslemonade3833d ago

No, they should drop $50 off of xbox live gold and make it free. Then annouce the new SKU that fixes the faulty hardware.

solidt123833d ago

I agree. and they shouldn't drop the price yet. They are selling fairly well still and GTA 4 isn't out yet. I think they will wait for GTA IV or Christmas.

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vloeistof3833d ago

wow i am sure sony would not expect this.

Iron Man 23833d ago

Dark Sniper thinks Micro$haft should fix RROD before even thinking of dropping the 360's price tag


thepriest3833d ago

They have fixed it with the Falcon Motherboard.. Stupid mistake by them, but lets get it right yeah?

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