Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Probably Out On PSN December 11th

"The ever so wonderful Hong Kong PlayStation website has put out a list of upcoming releases, one of them being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game has been rated by the ESRB for release on PS3 for some time now."

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Godchild10201750d ago

This could be the mysteries PS2 classic coming to the store next week. I'll be downloading this when it releases. I still want to see a "Stories" for this game.

Welshy1750d ago

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Probably Out On PSN December 11th"

In that case, San Andreas definitely in my PSN basket on December 11th.

Although a "San Andreas Stories" on Cross-Buy for Vita/PS3 would have me drooling all over my dualshock.

farhad2k81750d ago

Anyone know how much this will cost in the UK? I want it real bad, but I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for it just to go on sale in a few months.

Haven't played it since the PS2 days, and it's pretty much the only game I spent over a 100 hours on the PS3!

Godchild10201750d ago

If Rockstar sticks to the same price point they went with GTA 3, then it would cost 9.99 on the PSN.

KingofGambling1750d ago

Yes please, this is by far one of my favorite GTA series.

solidt121750d ago

I hope it is vita compatible like vice city stories.

Bowzabub1750d ago

Wish it were possible. Stories were remade specifically for the PSP though. This will just be a PS2 classic.

neoMAXMLC1750d ago

Vice City Stories is a PSP game which the PS Vita is backwards compatible with. This is a PS2 game and we probably won't see PS2 emulation on the Vita anytime soon especially considering the current PS3s can barely do it.

showtimefolks1750d ago

still waiting for a HD collection RS

DarkBlood1750d ago

that is unlikely to happen given thier stance

showtimefolks1750d ago

i am sorry what is their stance?

Welshy1750d ago

I would kill a man for a Rockstar HD mega collection.

All the GTA's, Max Paynes, Manhunt and Canis Canem on 1 bluray.

I'd just undiscriminately throw notes at them for that.

Bradicas1750d ago

Come in the place with a gun in my waste OG Loc baby!!!!!

Liquid_Ocelot1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Hahahahahaha bubbles!!!!


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