Why 'The Phantom Pain' Isn't a New 'Metal Gear Solid'

In our discussion of the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards winners post we cited how decidedly barren the show was in terms of mystery reveal trailers. Last year’s show, for example, was chalked full of trailers many never saw coming, or at least were not sure would make an appearance.

This year, however, the only big mystery came in the form of a new game from an unknown studio. And this new game, titled The Phantom Pain, has sparked quite the debate across gaming forums everywhere, leading many to believe it is little more than a clever rouse meant to lead gamers on a wild goose hunt for its true purpose.

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ForgottenProphecy1993d ago

I disagree with everything said in this article. Nothing about The Last of Us hinted towards it being an Uncharted game, but EVERYTHING about The Phantom Pain hints towards it being a Metal Gear Game. I can't think of one good piece of evidence against it being MGS 5.

wishingW3L1993d ago

me too but this is what gamerant always does. They always go against the general opinion for the sake of some hits.

ForgottenProphecy1993d ago

I can understand going against the general opinion sometimes, like with poorly built rumors, but you just can not argue against this one. It's impossible.

guitarded771992d ago

Gamerant seems to be in denial. Or they just really want attention... yeah, I think it's the attention thing... and by attention, I mean hits.

AmazingBrian1992d ago

this looks like big boss, hes got the bandages over his eye

Septic1992d ago

The game itself says its Metal Gear Solid in the trailer. I would have thought that that would be proof enough.

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BitbyDeath1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It's already been said in other threads.

Phantom Pain is one.

showtimefolks1993d ago

It's a MGS game deal with it

Kojima was just messing with the fans

With ps4 and next Xbox set to be announced could it be that ground zeros is actually a next gen title coming in 2014?

Last night pretty much confirms the fact that new systems are on their way, not one game was announced for fall 2013

guitarded771992d ago

LoL... yeah, I think #1 on that list sums it up.

1. "It says it is"

How the funk do you argue with that?

LackTrue4K1991d ago

So?! you use font from the new Tom Cruise movie Oblivion, and we turn and belive its MGS5? i need some real info.


QuodEratDemonstrandm1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

1. Phantom pain is a reference to the sensations felt in a limb that isn't there anymore, nothing more.
2. Liquid Snake lost his arm at the hands of Gray Fox in MGS1. Big Boss died with both of his arms intact, so will Solid Snake. This story flatly contradicts existing MGS canon, no matter who the one armed man is.
3. The game play looks more like Resident Evil than Metal Gear Solid.
4. Metal Gear Solid is already a well established franchise with plenty of buzz on its own. Marketing a new MGS under a different title would take that away. Which brings me to....
5. Motive?

QuodEratDemonstrandm1992d ago

Oh wait, my mistake. Liquid lost his arm after he died. It was grafted onto Ocelot after Gray Fox cut off HIS arm.

CraigUK1992d ago

Big boss died with gloves on, you dont know what kind of hand he hand.

FreydaWright1992d ago

Sound effects are also another indicator that this is Metal Gear Solid-related.

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Nitrowolf21993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Does anyoen else find it weird that this whole scene has fire in it?
It's a long stretch, but if you played Snake's Revenge (non-canon) Big Boss gets turned into a Cyborg. While that was indeed Non-cana, MG2, cannon, did indeed mention or at least referenc to the snatcher series, Kesler tells Snake that he was indeed reconstructed into a cyborg where Snake kills him once again, this time with a flamethrower.

The Whale, whale Cuisine?

Also, I do think it's MGS related
what scene are we watching from MGS you ask? When Snake goes into a Comma, in which this is where they take his stuff to make Solid and Liquid (also Solidous)thus "From FOX, two Phantoms were born"
So for Naked, this is all a dream, hallucination.
I know that part isn't actually the original scripted part, as the english dialgu form MGS 1 is
"Liquid Snake: But father was wounded in combat and already in a coma when they brought him in. So they created us from his cells... with a combination of 20th century analog cloning and the Super Baby Method."
and the Japanese mentions he was wounded in combat which left him sterile.
though I think they decided to go with the english

CarlosX3601993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

People keep forgetting that the whole basis around Metal Gear or Metal Gear Solid is around "clones."

This may be a clone of Big Boss or Snake, since in Snake Eater, Naked Snake's arm is intact.

Liquid Snake's arm wasn't removed until around MGS.

Eamon1992d ago

No, it's very likely Big Boss. And I think Kojima confirmed that Ground Zeroes is the prologue to MGS5.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the funny thing is that since Big Boss became the antagonist in the Metal Gear games, we've never seen his hands without gloves on. Who knows? Perhaps all this time he's had a prosthetic arm we never knew about?

Ace_Pheonix1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Cloning requires no seminal fluids. They just use his DNA and replicate him. But yes, other than that I completely agree. And @Carlos, the only thing that made sense there was the word "clones". A clone can't be cloned, this is Big Boss after the events of MGS3 and Peace Walker, and Liquid never lost his arm. He was killed by Foxdie way after the events of this game. The material needed to make the Snakes is taken most likely right before this trailer started.

doogiebear1992d ago

We're talking about a fictional method for cloning in the 70's (which was not even possible then, for all we know), not the way it's done today, in modern times.

Eamon1992d ago

True, but remember in the universe of MGS, state funded military scientists could discover technology or new science decades before mainstream scientists. It's just that these military scientists have all the resources and money to conduct their research and the results are not revealed to the public.

helghast1021993d ago

There are too many connections to just be mere coincidence.

pandatomsk1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Why The Phantom Pain Isn't a New Metal Gear Solid?

"Because when the trailer started, we all closed our eyes with our fingers in our ears and said 'it's not a new metal gear! it's not a new metal gear!' So, there."

WeskerChildReborned1992d ago

Lol, theirs alot of signs that point this to be an MGS game and if it is one, it looks pretty bad***

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