Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

So, holy crap guys, Dark Souls II was announced at the Video Game Awards! Crazy, right? Who saw that coming? Here are five things For the Love of Gaming wants to see in Dark Souls II

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Sargerus1870d ago

1-More original areas, no copied areas from previous games
2-Better netcode for co-op/PVP
3-Even more challenging fights
4-Bring back the world tendency system from Demon's Souls
5-Keep the open world setting of Dark Souls

DragonKnight1870d ago

It would be impossible to have number 5 if they had number 4. World Tendency worked because of a lack of open world.

Also, I would actually love if they brought Boletaria back. That was the best world of Demon's Souls.

jerethdagryphon1870d ago

the things on the articles list would make it a different game not dark souls.

dark souls is about being alone change that and its diablo.

camel_toad1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I agree with all but especially your #5. What made Dark Souls better than Demon Souls to me was how every area tied together so well and felt like a living (undead) world.

MEsoJD1870d ago

World tendacy was more off an annoyance. Maybe it would be acceptable if it wasn't tied to unlocking areas/weapons?

SilentNegotiator1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I want quick travel between bonfires, like how you could go to the home world hub in Demon's Souls and warp to one of the stones.

There aren't always shortcuts to where you're looking to be and sometimes you can get trapped in an area because it's harder to get back than it was to get there (case in point, the first bonfire in valley of the giants - those over-powered bonewheels gave me more than a run for my money trying to escape back to the original bonfire).

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and tell me how not being forced to go through the same areas 12 dozen times will be detrimental to the game and make the game "casual" (like Demon's Souls, I guess? LOL).

brodychet1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I want to see Ash-Lake again in Dark Souls 2, best place to look at, ever. So peaceful, in a very non-peaceful game.

You can even rip a tail off a dragon, and he's cool with it.

Oh_Yeah1869d ago

Just rustle my jimmies is all.

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SolidDuck1870d ago

I agree with all those. Since the souls games are my fav of this entire gen. The announcement was awesome.

yeahokchief1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

He makes a few good points, but he is dead wrong to ask for a pure co-op experience. This is a singleplayer game about overcoming challenges and you don't overcome a challenge by having someone else do it for you.

The co-op works great as is.

If the author wants to play World of Warcraft so much then he should go play WoW. Please do not turn this game into WoW From Software. WoW is a game for casuals. This is a core gamer game!!

Dark Souls is a niche game intended for a nich audience. Don't fix what isn't broken for the mass market. Leave our game alone.

j-blaze1870d ago

crushing challenge, the enemies in the trailer were kinda generic need more devils and demons, Maiden in Black's voice actress and umm a love story :3

DragonKnight1870d ago

No love story. This ain't Twilight.

Lord_Sloth1870d ago

Because Twilight's the only thing with a love story in the backdrop anywhere ever. >____>

DragonKnight1870d ago

1. Agreed. Random spawn points would keep the game fresh and surprising all the time.

2. Agreed. Dark Souls system was like going back to FFI's magic system, which sucks. MP again please.

3. Nah. I mean it would be cool to have new weapon types (like maybe Bo Staffs) but all that other Diablo stuff shouldn't be in the game.

4. Heeeeelllllll no. Uh uh. Do not taint the Souls series by instituting anything from the crap that is World of Warcraft. This list item is absolutely terrible. It wouldn't be Dark Souls if this was implemented. The Souls series is supposed to be you against everything, not a MMO.

5. @#$% NO! Are you kidding? That's the problem with this gen. Too much emphasis on this co-op crap and then when a dev comes out with their own unique approach, the casuals want it to change to the same crap it is in games like WoW. Are you serious? If you want that kind of co-op, play something else and don't call your list "5 things WE want to see" if you're the only one that wants to see that. Frickin' ridiculous.

MysticStrummer1869d ago

They can say WE want to see it if there are multiple people who work on that site who want to see it. While I agree that the Souls games are about feeling isolated, I do want From to make a similar game with that combat system that has more friend friendly co-op.

brodychet1869d ago

random spawn points could be too difficult in some areas. The point of keeping enemies in the exact same place is to allow you to learn from your mistakes.

League_of_Draven1870d ago

#6: For it to be canceled so Demon's Souls 2 can be made instead.

Bobets1870d ago

demon souls 2 can be made anytime because its a different IP than darksouls......

dark souls isn't the reasons its not being made its sony decision if they want a demon souls 2.

deletingthis346753341870d ago

What is so bad about this game?

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