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Call of Duty is “a Good Game, but I Wouldn’t Advise It for Younger Kids,” Says 8-Year-Old

Towheaded and small-voiced, Felix von Perfall's countenance seems to define childhood innocence. But look into those eyes. Those eight-year-old eyes have seen war, they've seen ... things, things no seven-, six- or five-year-old should ever know. (Culture)

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richierich  +   580d ago
Well I cant picture 7 year olds playing COD games lol
bwazy  +   580d ago
I can't NOT picture 7 year olds playing CoD.
Genuine-User  +   580d ago
Can't not?
vallencer  +   580d ago
So you in fact can see them playing cod games?? Double negative for the win!
BlitzAK  +   580d ago
I can, I have a cousin who is 7 and plays it.
Mocat  +   580d ago
I do too
BattleTorn  +   580d ago
Funny, cause I hear them all the time.
PS3ROCKS  +   580d ago
Call of Duty
8 and up
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dark-hollow  +   580d ago
Rated m bitches!!!
BattleTorn  +   580d ago
lol, that kid was obviously reading from a script.
Riderz1337  +   580d ago
It's not even the kids fault for playing the game it's the parents. Then they use the same old excuse which is that they had no idea what the game was about. I mean come on the cover of the game has a guy holding a gun up to his face. Did you think it was about unicorns and rainbows?
Game4life  +   580d ago
Hasn't COD always been about unicorns and rain bows? I thought you were trying to get rainbows to get more unicornstreaks
spicelicka  +   580d ago
well that's true but it's not as easy as just keeping your kids from playing it. There's absolutely no way your kid won't go crazy over it when all his friends are playing it. Kids are very sensitive and they'll keep demanding it over every little thing. Sooner or later the parents will give in to their demands, either that or the kids will be running off to their friend's house all the time to play it.

Might not be the case with an 8 year old, but after 10 or 11, definitely.
Unless there's a collective plan to tackle the issue, it's very hard to regulate.
Riderz1337  +   580d ago
Well when I was a kid, parents weren't so forgiving when their children got out of hand. If a 10 year old is in control of what the parents do and don't do, then something is seriously wrong.
spicelicka  +   580d ago
times have changed, for the worse. If all parents stepped up together, something can be done. But exposure is the biggest issue, and activision targets the younger audience, indirectly of course, because they know they've hit a gold mine.
Relientk77  +   580d ago
Kids aren't allowed to purchase these games, and people are supposed to be carded when purchasing M rated games. The parents however don't research the games their children ask for, and just buy them. You can hear the little kids online on the mics, they own are playing the games though, Black Ops 2, probably Halo 4 as well.
Sketchy_Galore  +   580d ago
Whenever this kind of thing seems to weird to me I just remind myself that I was about that age when I was watching and loving Total Recall, Dawn of the dead and Robocop. There's stuff in those movies that still disturbs me today, probably disturbs me way more than it did back then. Part of my childhood was watching things I really shouldn't have just like playing things you shouldn't probably is today.
GraveLord  +   580d ago
An 8-year still hasn't developed well enough to have good hand-eye-coordination. So yeah they can play the game sure, just not well.

Source: Watching my cousins.
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SJPFTW  +   580d ago
but they sure can scream at the mic / be really annoying online *sigh*
FragMnTagM  +   580d ago
Absolutely not true. My son is 4 and goes 40 kills and higher regularly sometimes with only a few deaths.

I would rather my kid be playing it with me and me explaining things to him instead of him only playing at his friends house.

For the record, I am not a bad parent. I make sure he plays other games than just CoD. I also limit his time on it so he is not playing all day.

Really the only thing that is really bad about CoD is the other people playing it that swear constantly. I mute them.

I was ripping people's heads off and shiting down their necks (Duke), ripping spines out, enabling the blood code on MK and so on when I was a kid with NO parental guidance on these things and I have never had the urge to kill let alone even fight someone.

My son is a very polite and gental kid. Very mature for his age also. He can read, he has a pet cat that he takes care of (mostly), and can name around 15 different countries off the top of his head.

I think that if a kid is going to play this game, they should have guidance and supervision, not free will to play for however long they want and whenever they want.

Good parenting skills is all it is about.
Detoxx  +   580d ago
COD is a game for kids, proof is right here
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ape007  +   580d ago
poor argument, what was your fav game when u were 9, mine was Goldeneye 007
Swiggins  +   580d ago
"If you choose Oddjob one more time, I'm gonna tell mom you're cheating." My Brother, age 9, (me 8)
Detoxx  +   580d ago
Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, loved that game. Im 16 btw
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e-p-ayeaH  +   580d ago
Smart man.
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pandehz  +   580d ago
Aww crap that makes me too old

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