A look at Street Fighter character designs over the past 16 years

This article starts off as a rant against the complaints people make when female game characters look more like athletic women as opposed to cartoonish freaks. But it quickly turns into a nice trip down memory lane, featuring game art of the original 8 Street Fighter 2 characters over the past 16 years. Includes a lot of high-res photos, so you can see exactly how the characters have developed over the years.

And no, Chun-Li's thighs are not "bigger than ever".

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moujahed3685d ago

What's the big deal with SF4's graphics?? They look fine to me, sure it takes some getting use to. Especially when SF3 had some of the best Art work and graphics in the entire series.

lowlight3685d ago

Read the comments in the N4G story when the EGM cover first came out... Crazy! I wonder if they were even true Street Fighter fans...

Keowrath3684d ago

Like I said in a previous news thread. The SF4 characters look a lot similar to their original designs (Big hands and big feet) as shown here. I don't have a problem with SF4 graphics at all and I'll reserve judgement on the gameplay until I've played it.