The end of good games, one casual game at a time

PlayFirst CEO John Welch gave his keynote address about how he intends to supplant hardcore gamers with casual gamers. The makers of diner dash, Sally's Salon, Wedding Dash and the "AAA" juggernaut Doggie Dash, intend to make hardcore gaming a niche, and casual gamers the forefront of gaming.

From the article: "Right off the bat, I have to assume Welch has been in a coma since 1998. Video games are ALREADY a first-tier form of entertainment on par with TV. Hello, it's a multi-billion dollar industry… 2007 was the most successful year in video game history for pete's sake! Not to mention, that just because a game wasn't made over the weekend and can't be played on your phone, doesn't mean it's "hardcore." Also, I don't see how any of PlayFirst's titles are helping to "elevate" video games..."

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PS360WII3799d ago

Heh the title seems a bit off. The writter is making fun of someone who feels casual games are the end. To bad casual games have been around and just as big as now/capita since atari. Casual games can never hinder hardcore games just like hardcore games can never hinder casual games. In fact many casual games can be hardcore games and for some hardcore games are just as casual to some. Silly, wait no, it's dumb for people to think casual games threaten gaming

Intrepid3799d ago

Yeah. The title is definitely off. Casual games aren't always bad and they will not end hardcore gaming.

wiizy3799d ago

nonsense.. entertainment is about variety , otherwise we'd all be watching action movies.

Harry1903799d ago

the ps3 forum section and comment on this.