CVG: Metal Gear Online Preview

CVG writes:

"Metal Gear Online is an interesting one. It has the stealthy core of the single-player game - the controls, levels littered with walls, small crevices and the odd cardboard box - but up against human AI, the style can constantly changes depending on who you're up against."

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sonarus3776d ago

"It's brilliant when you catch an opponent in the leg with a tranquiliser shot - sometimes without them realising. You watch as, ten seconds later, they fall to the floor, unable to move. All he can do is watch as you stroll over and either put a cap in his brain".

Thats what i love about mgs how many online games let you tranquilize enemies

Ice2ms3776d ago

I Hp Its More Tactical Than Say Call Of Duty. I Want To Be Part Of A Team Not A One Man Army Which is What Most People do In COD 4.

moujahed3776d ago

This will open new ways of shamming your opposition. You could tranq a guy / gal... wait till they helplessly fall asleep. Then BAMM!! You start T-Baggin the hell out of them, right before stabbing them up, and or stun-knifing them to put them back under.

The possibilities are endless.

Engineer3776d ago

Anyone else wondering what the sh!t the human catapult thing is for?

dzg4ever3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

. . . hell yeah! but it looks cool